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Top Four Trends To Watch For Summer 2013 -Mark Moussa for Arteriors

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Arteriors, founded by Mark Moussa in 1987, is in its 25th year of providing accessories and lighting in luxury materials and finishes scaled specifically for design lovers with up-to-date sensibilities. While traveling in Europe and Indonesia to create his latest collection, Moussa identified four top trends in materials and finishes that the company expects to be significant in Summer 2013.  Arteriors has become one of the leading resources for residential lighting, accent furniture and decorative accessories in the home decor industry.  Arteriors is a trend setter in the contemporary market, due to its cutting edge design and creative use of  materials such as leather, bronze, ceramics, brass, nickel, wood and glass.  The name Arteriors itself appropriately conveys this line as truly “art for your interiors”.  I asked Mark to share with us those top four trends for finishes and materials he expects to be big for Summer 2013.  He not only shared what he sees as the top trends to watch, but also sent along pictures of fabulous, new items currently available through Arteriors  representing those trends.  He also shared why he thinks those trends are hot! Here are his top four trends to watch: [click title to read more..]
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Trend #1 Geometrics:
Many designs begin with the essence of a basic geometric shape. Rectangles get stretched creating linear lines; squares get stacked or cubed, often morphing into structural or decorative grid-like patterns.  circles become discs, then rings then full blown spheres, triangles expand into diamonds on the surface of a ceramic; or they have been reassembled as pentagons and pyramids.
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Trend #2 Artisan Metalwork:
Handcrafted, hand punched, welded or wrapped metals are showing up in various interiors products.  These items take on a form or shape not typically associated with their inherent characteristics, but appear delicate and fluid, even playful.
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Trend #3 Time Travelers:
Time Travelers are products that take their inspiration from the past, purposefully, reinterpreted or adapted to create a product that is new and fresh.  These are also products that are a reinvention of a finishing technique or the simple acknowledgment of a time honored process or form.
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Trend #4 – Nature:
It is impossible to ignore the influence of Mother Nature and many nature inspired elements are being incorporated into products for the season.  Arteriors embraced various forms, colors and textures from nature and took them to Artisan factories to help reinterpret the beauty and irony and whimsy of the world around us.
If you want to be a trendsetter and not a follower, these categories need to be part of your home decor.  All the items shown are available through Lisa Mende Design. 
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