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Thermador and Traditional Homes Sponsor Great Kitchens Event In LA

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I just returned from the Thermador and Traditional Homes Great Kitchens  Event in celebration of Traditional Homes Great Kitchens Issue.  The event was held at the Thermador Design and Experience 17,000 square foot showroom in lovely Irvine, California.  All I can say is wow!  I am blown away by the technology that has gone into making the Thermador products.  Not only are they beautifully made, but Thermador products are truly built for “real cooks”.  Julia Child, the grande dame of gourmet cooking, chose Thermador for her own kitchen.  
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Founded in 1916, by William E. Cranston, did you know we have Thermador to thank for being the original creators of the wall oven and stainless steel appliances in 1947? Here are the other products created by Thermador and the year they were introduced:
1948 – The first “pro range” 
1952 – The first “warming drawer”
1963 – The first “self cleaning” oven
1970 – The first smooth cooktop developed
            by Corning and used by Thermador.
1976 – The first “speed cooking” oven
1978 – The first “down draft”
1982 – The first “super burner”
1987 – The first “sealed gas burner”
1994 – The first “extra low burner”
1998 – The first “star burner”which
            is unique to Thermador thanks to trademark protection.
2002 – The first “jet impingment” oven
2006 –  “Modular refrigeration”and the first “convection warming drawer”
2008 – The “sensor dome”
2009 – The “first induction cooktop” with sensory technology and also the       “sapphire dishwasher” which had the largest wine glass capacity of any dishwasher on the market!
2010 – The “Steam & Convection” oven
Do you see what I see?  Thermador has been setting the industry standard for generations!  Why not go with the leader instead of the follower? I’ll put my money on the company who is the industry innovator and that is definitely Thermador!
To read more about these products click here
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“For eleven decades, Thermador has been making the American kitchen more beautiful, more efficient and more luxurious, with meticulously crafted appliances engineered and designed to appeal to the most discriminating culinary enthusiast.”  – Thermador website
Can’t wait to share everything I learned while at Thermador!  Here’s a peep at what makes Thermador special:
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Why Five star burner technology is the best in the industry!

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Want to know why chefs everywhere are in love with induction cooking and why Thermador’s “Freedom” Induction cooktop is the industry sweetheart?

Stay tuned for more!  I can’t wait to tell you all about our trip.

I might even tell you about the handsome chefs at Thermador too!!!
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If you haven’t read the Great Kitchens online issue from Traditional Home Magazine, make sure to pop over and read it here!  It’s chocked full of beautiful kitchens and much needed info if you are designing your dream kitchen or want to know what’s hot now!
Visit the Thermador website to find out how you can design your dream “real cooks” kitchen today here!
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Thank you Thermador, Traditional Homes and  Zach Elkin, Lore McKenna, Beatriz Sandoval, Mark Weinfeld, Brenda Lynch and the entire team at Thermador and DGWB, Finn for a fabulous experience.
Thermador and Traditional Homes sponsored this trip,
 but the opinions in this post are my own.  
Photography courtesy of Thermador

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