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Royal Baby Mania!

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We sit with baited breath, as the royal baby is now five days overdue!  What gives you are royalty and I know you can do what you want little one but really why are you keeping us waiting?  Aren’t you ready to begin your life as a royal?  

To bide our time while we wait, let’s talk nursery design.  The royal nursery decor has been a big mystery!  So far, no photos have been leaked to the press.  What do you think?  Should we assume the royal baby’s nursery decor will reflect Kate’s simple, elegant and classic style. I find that often how client’s dress is a good indicator as to the style they prefer in home decor, but not always.  What do you think?    Click here to see a couple of design board speculations created by british designers in speculation of what the nursery will look like.  I think the first design is closer to what I picture the royal nursery decor to be.  Which one do you find more appealing?

There have been rumblings in the media that Kate let it slip, that the couple are expecting a girl, but there haven’t been any confirmed details of that.  Rumor also has it that the name will be Alexandra, but again at this point that is all hearsay. All we do know for sure is that Kate has opted for a neutral palette and will add pops of color, after the baby arrives.  My friend Darlene from Fieldstone Hill Design is expecting a girl in September.  Did you see the board I created for her bebe bebe series?  
If not, please go look and tell if you like!
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So far this Bugaboo Stroller, a moses basket  and Giggles are the only things we know that Kate has purchased for the baby.  
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Harry and Wills in their nursery atop rocking horses.
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Isn’t this picture of Queen Elizabeth and her sister lovely?
 The royal family obviously has an affinity for rocking horses! Chances are good, there will be a rocking horse somewhere in the room, but I doubt it will be a solid gold rocking horse like the $600,000 one JayZ bought for Blue Ivey.  Did you have a rocking horse in your nursery? 
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This horse I found when searching online for rocking horses doesn’t look unlike the one pictured above in Queen Elizabeth’s nursery. Did you have a rocking horse in your nursery?  I must admit, my children loved theirs.   

Anyone what to bet on the sex of Kate’s baby?  What about arrival date?
I’m betting girl arriving on by the weekend!

  Hope you enjoyed this fun little post!  I’m in Memphis at the Brizo Blogger19 reunion.  It was like old home week yesterday meeting up with designers I know and respect from all over the nation.  Today, we will venture to St Jude’s Hospital for a service project!  I can’t wait to share all the details with you!  It’s going to be an action packed three days!  
Don’t forget to follow me on instagram here to see pics of my Brizo Blogger19 trip this week. I posted several yesterday!  Wanna see a pic of my room?  It’s lovely!  Pop over and check out what we are doing!
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