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Brizo Blogger 19 Reunion – Memphis Here We Come!!!

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The time has finally arrived for  Brizo Blogger19 reunion in Memphis, TN! 
Who and what is blogger19?  It is a group of designers and architects who have participated in the New York Fashion Week event sponsored by luxury faucet brand Brizo .  It’s a huge honor to be part of this select group!  The reunion will take place this week in Memphis. It will be exciting to be reunited with the Brizo team and  all the blogger19 alumni coming out for this event!   Lookout Memphis here we come!!!
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 Our group with Jason Wu  at the post Fashion Show cocktail party hosted by Brizo in a penthouse overlooking NYC.  Much like their luxury kitchen and bath faucets, this trip was off the charts!  
  Pop over and read my post blog post from the trip to NYC Fashion Week here and here or pop over to the Brizo website to see this beautiful line for yourself!  Brizo is proof that form and function can be one in the same. When I met Judd Lord and his design team in NYC I quickly discovered the design talent behind this brand.  Below are a few of my favorite Brizo faucets:
For the kitchen, I love the hands free faucets with SmartTouch Technology.  I have the Talo, thanks to Brizo (they gifted each of us a faucet when we were in NYC!)  Thanks to Brizo I no longer had to covet the Talos I had previously installed in design projects.
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I also can picture the Virage in my next bathroom remodel!

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Or for a more contemporary look I am partial to the Loki
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Rooted in both the fashion and design communities, the Brizo brand serves as the primary sponsor of fashion designer, Jason Wu’s fashion shows and was the first national sponsor of the St Jude Dream Home Giveaway in 2010.  They now provide the kitchen and faucets for all the St Judes Dream Home Giveaways across the nation.  Want to see if there is a St Judes Dream home near you or read more about Brizo special relationship with St Jude?  Click Here
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While in Memphis this week, we will be will be touring the Brizo factory as well as St Judes Children Hospital.  (can’t wait to see both!)
The name Brizo was derived from the Greek Goddess, of the same name, who appeared in the dreams of mariners, I too will be like the mariners and dream about Brizo tonight and my trip to Memphis! 
Can’t wait to share my adventures with Brizo and St Judes with you!
If you are interested in using Brizo in your next project, 
Contact me for information at
To learn more about Brizo visit:
Brizo on Pinterest
Brizo on youtube
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