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Traci Zeller – Fabulous Friend on Friday

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I am so happy to feature my show house design partner Traci Zeller today!  Traci really doesn’t need an introduction, because she has been “wowing” us with her talent for the past several years.  Traci is known as “the interior designer and mom of exuberant twin boys, who empowers families to live harmonious lives full of style and grace”. [……]
 I was fortunate to get to know Traci through our Mastermind group with Tobi Fairley, and since that meeting, she and I have developed a wonderful friendship which continued to grow, when we became partners in the Greensboro Junior League/Traditional Homes “Adamsleigh” show house.  It was a match made in Heaven.  We often laughed and called ourselves “Yin and Yang” during the process.(I”ll let you guess who was yin and who was yang!)   Needless to say, we filled in each other’s holes, for the perfect partnership on that project. (Who are we kidding, there are no holes, are there Traci?).  The reality was we both are very driven people so, we rolled up our sleeves and “just got it done”.  No egos, no arguments, just plain focused on the finish line, we were. (well…there was one issue with soap but I promised Traci I wouldn’t talk about that! (It’s our secret! LOL!!)  Let’s just say when you put two designers who are very focused on the smallest details, on a project, things can get very nit picky.   Luckily, Traci and I had the same vision for our show house room and it came together like a charm.  The  show house opened on April 19th, which also coincided with High Point Furniture Market and the launch of Traci Zeller Textiles!!!  It was a very busy, but fun time.  While we were working on the show house, I had the opportunity to tag a long with Traci to meet with Trellis Studios for the final approval of her fabrics.  It was such an exciting day, seeing her fabrics for the first time!  I was amazed at the amount of work that goes into making a designer’s vision a reality.  Traci has done a beautiful job of creating a line that I am sure will be very well received.  If you want samples of her fabrics, please contact her at  I’m already dreaming about using them in upcoming projects!  Below are some hot off the press pics that Traci shared with me!
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Traci Zeller Textiles was launched in High Point on April 21, 2013 in the Younger Showroom.
It was such a fun event.  I had never been in Younger Furniture, before but while I was there did a little style spotting! Click here if you want to see what I style spotted!   I loved their showroom and Meredith Younger couldn’t have been nicer!  I wanted to share some of the photos of that day with you!  It was a champagne and cupcakes kinda day filled with fun fabrics, great industry friends, and lots of excitement over Traci Zeller Textiles!
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Traci and I  had the opportunity for a photo op!  Forgive me for looking so tired.  Traci should have been the one looking tired, but of course she looked fresh as a daisy!
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 Cristin from Simplified Bee did an amazing interview with Traci in April following the textile launch at High Point market pleaseclick here to read.  It’s a great interivew with insight into Traci’s design work. Since Cristin focused more on Traci’s professional side, I decided I would ask her more some fun questions to give you a little glimpse into Traci’s personal thoughts and interests.  Enjoy!!  

LMD: Who is your favorite designer?
TZD: Oooooooh, that is so hard.   I adore Suzanne Kasler, Mary McDonald, and Darryl Carter.   
LMD: Do you currently have a favorite color palette you gravitate to?
 TZD: I love blue, so it usually includes blue in any and all of its variations!   Lately I’ve been in an aqua and lavender mood.  For a long time, it was aqua and red. 
LMD: What artist do you desperately want to add to your collection?
  TZD: I love art and have been fortunate enough to collect a decent bit of it … and I just don’t think I can choose a favorite.  But I desperately, desperately, desperately want to add pieces by Sally King Benedict, Kate Long Stevenson, Alice Andrews and Mallory Page to my collection.   In my dream world?  I want an Elizabeth Peyton portrait.  
LMD: What is your favorite book?
 TZD:  I’m starting to sound like a broken record.  Candidly, I don’t do much “for fun” reading these days, other than magazines.  My all-time favorite book?  To Kill a Mockingbord.  I have an autographed copy that is one of my prize possessions.  Unfortunately, as a child, I looked just like the actress who played Scout in the movie … bad haircut and all.  
LMD: What is your idea of a perfect day?
 TZD:  Oooooooohhhhh, yes.  I would sleep as late as I wanted to, get snuggles with my boys, and have a large fountain Coke before I even got out of bed.   Then I’d probably spend the day reading magazines, shopping around town and having lunch with friends.   And the spa.  Definitely the spa.  
LMD: What is your favorite city?
  TZD: Paris!   Who doesn’t love Paris?!   Other than that, I love, love, love New York City.  My goal is to have a teensy pied à terré there one day.   I couldn’t live there year-round — I’m a southern girl, and I’d just be too cold — but I’d love to be able to pop up whenever I wanted.   


LMD: What is your favorite food?
 TZD: These are hard questions.  What can I say, I like to eat!  When I visit one of my besties in California, tops on my list is always In-and-Out Burger and Sprinkles cupcakes.   Those are such rare (and delicious) treats.  Otherwise, give me a cheese plate and an order of truffle fries, and I am a happy camper.  
LMD: What is your favorite gift you have been given, besides your twin boys?
  TZD: I have some of the best friends and family in the world, and that is truly the biggest gift ever.  But if it has to be a “physical” gift?  Hmmmmmmmm.  My husband gave me a Love bracelet to commemorate the birth of our boys.  It is engraved with their names and birth date, and I never take it off.  Even though it sets off the airport security alarms.
LMD: If you could pick three famous people to have dinner with who would that be?
  TZD: Oh gosh.  Lee Radziwill, Sara Blakely, aaaaannnnnnnddddd …. well, I think it sounds so obvious to say Oprah, Martha Stewart or Hillary Clinton, but you know they would be fascinating.   
LMD: Complete the sentence In 10 years Traci Zeller will be….
TZD:  A happy, healthy designer, entrepreneur, and mom to teenage boys (yikes!).  At our core, isn’t happy and healthy all that matters? 
Thank you so much Traci for being a good sport and answering those questions, so we peek into the world of Traci Zeller!  I feel very fortunate to have you as my friend.  I value our friendship and am amazed daily by her talent!  I so excited about your new textile line and all the things you have happening at Traci Zeller Design!!!!
(All Photos credited to Dustin Peck Photography and Property of Traci Zeller Design)
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