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Why not start out Monday with Fashion this week!  I know this is an interior design blog, but hey nobody loves fashion more than this girl be it for the home or for the runway.  As a matter of fact, I’m always surfing online for the latest trendy looks in home decor and clothing. One day I happened upon an awesome shop called Social Dress Shop.   The name intrigued me from the beginning and boy was I surprised when I discovered it was right here in my own backyard in Charlotte!  I sent an quick email asking if there was anyway I could pop over and try on a couple of things.  The owner, Sarah Baucom and I became fast friends.  Well, the rest is history!  What I really liked about Social Dress Shop was the variety of styles.  Sarah has curated a collection of designers that work for so many ages.  She has an eye for high style, but offers designer looks that don’t break the bank. Here are some of my favs from her current offerings.  You’ll have to pop over to the website for more here!
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Amanda Uprichard Tangerine Shift 

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LMD: What made you decide to open Social Dress Shop?
SDS: Social Dress Shop has been my absolute lifelong dream come true.  I have worked in retail, in the fashion industry in NYC and have my interior design degree.  After each one of these experiences ended, I felt this intense drive to open my own business.  Also, I have always loved the curated feel of boutique shopping and the experience of buyings something that feels handpicked and special.  Social Dress Shop is a culmination of all of these past experiences and trainings as well as an answer to that entrepreneurial drive.  Social Dress Shop is a curated online boutique that specializes in fresh, talented designers who produce their beautiful goods in the USA!  Producing in the USA is a difficult decision and often keeps costs higher than companies who outsource their production.  However, time and time again we are shown the devastating worldwide effects that “fast fashion” creates.  Choosing to buy USA made goods means to most that they will buy less but better quality goods.  In the end,
aren’t those the items we tend to love more?
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LMD: Who is your favorite designer?
SDS: My favorite designer that I carry right now is a toss up between Hunter Dixon (by Hunter Bell) and Heidi Merrick.  Both have that cool girl vibe to their lines, but are totally wearable.  Hunter is my east coast girl, and Heidi is my west coast girl.  I would say my favorite designer (that I do not carry right now) is Chris Benz, since he really brings humor and color into every design.  Gotta love that.   
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LMD: What are the biggest trends for Summer?
SDS: Summertime is without a doubt maxi dress season, they are just so easy to wear!  However, this year, a sporty twist to mini dresses have taken center stage, and let’s not forget about graphic and mirrored prints.  Those are huge….and totally fun!!!
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LMD: I’m sure as far ahead as you have to buy in clothing markets, you are seeing fall/winter/resort wear, so what do we have to look forward to in upcoming trends?
SDS: Social Dress Shop is expanding into separates for Fall and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  Surprisingly – we are seeing a ton of matching short suits.  I mean, when is the last time you wore a matching blazer and shorts?  The fresh take on these are the details and fabrications.  Seriously, I cannot wait to rock a short suit!  Also, look out for vegan leather piping and sleek, minimalistic dress lines. 
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LMD: I know you have a great online business, but do you also have local Charlotteans come by to shop with you?  
SDS: Yes, I see many private appointments every week in my studio in Charlotte.  I love being able to give the customer a one on one experience of finding that perfect ensemble.  I see a lot of busy ladies who either do not have time to shop during normal business hours.  I also meet women who see something online, but would like to try it on first.  It is a really fun aspect of my business to meet the customers in real life and provide them with top quality customer service! 
LMD: What is the biggest faux paux woman make when dressing for a big event?
SDS: I think that in our busy everyday lives, we tend to miss the fun of dressing up, that is just sad to me.  Social Dress Shop is all about taking a moment to slow down and dress up! 
LMD: Is it true that anything goes this day and time for after five events or is there still a certain requirement for dress?
SDS: Now that bold lipstick is back, I would say that many looks can go from day to night with a bold lip, a little heel and a statement necklace!  Although, I am definitely a bit old school and love to go all out to dress up for evening events.  
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LMD: What’s your pet peeve about how women dress for formal events?
SDS: Formal events are meant to be fun, a break from our ordinary life.  So why not dress like it?  Even if it is a black tie event, you can still add a pop of neon or sparkle or statement accessory!  Isn’t the point to get complimented on an item you are wearing?  (yes, it is!)
LDM: What’s your favorite look for 2013 social events?
SDS: Any combination of these : Open collar, open back and sleeves 
LMD: What’s a bit of advice you can give to someone dressing for an
 important social event?
SDS: First, think about the logistics of the event ( i.e. Is it outside?  Will there be dancing?  Is there a dress code?  Secondly, plan the look at least a day before the event.  Nothing is worse than not having a plan and panicking about what to wear at the last minute!  then, think about your dream outfit, what would you wear if you were a celebrity to this event?  This is the really fun part to keep an idea handy when you go out and shop for an event!  This doesn’t mean you have to spend money like a celebrity, but it tends to get the mind out of the “comfort zone”  of dressing.  Have fun with it!
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LMD: I know as well as selling the clothing you also have a team of people, makeup artists, stylist, etc that you can pull together to offer people for that total look and also offer pop up shops and party nights for your company.  How does someone book one of these and exactly what do you offer?
SDS: We can pretty much pull together anything that you might need/want! We love offering private pop up shops and parties to groups as well as public events, that are always a lot of fun!  Girls’ nights are really popular and is a great way to offer these services in people’s homes/businesses.  To learn more or inquire about any of these, you can contact me directly !
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LMD: Do you offer suggestions to people on how to “style” the dresses they buy?
SDS: Of course! But really it’s less formal than it sounds.  It’s more to the tune of “what about a belt with this and layer some simple gold necklaces? ”  the biggest question I get is about styling for a wedding guest.  Many younger women get nervous about what to wear to a wedding.  I love being able to pull together a whole look that they will be comfortable in and hopefully have a blast wearing! 
LMD: What’s your current favorite shoe line for summer?
SDS: Sophia Webster is just killing it.  Her line is youthful and cheery.  Every shoe makes you smile.  Fashion isn’t always about being super serious, right? 
LMD : I’m currently dying over a certain pair of Sophia Webster’s myself…
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LMD: What about accessories, any current favs for summer?
SDS: I now carry Loren Hope, and her designs are absolutely amazing and totally my aesthetic.  She artfully blends playful colors and industrial pieces with a vintage twist.  Her jewelry is made in the USA which is important to me and the mission of Social Dress Shop. 
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LMD: What are your aspirations for Social Dress Shop?
SDS: Ahh, well you see, I am a bit of a dreamer.  I would love to continue to grow and employ others like me, who love this fashion e-commerce world and also share in a joy of creating a fun and unique, American-centric brand.  I believe that with the right timing and retail prowess, Social Dress Shop has the potential to lead to some very cool opportunities.  I look forward to what the future brings for SDS, but am so grateful for the experience so far!
Thank You Sarah for taking time to chat today!! 
Now for the goodies!!!
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All photos courtesy of Social Dress Shop.
(The opinions in this post are my own.  This is not a paid post)
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