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Father’s Day Gift Guide ~ 10 Ideas that won’t cost a Dime, Only a Little Of Your Time….

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Credit:  Day In My Life
Ok, so I am betting that 90% of the people reading this are adults and not children, therefore, you may or may not be trying to decide on a gift for your Dad but a gift for your husband from your children.  Let’s face it, most dads run out and buy what they really want and need don’t they? Do they really want a new pair of shorts or handkerchiefs?  I had the typical list of gifts all neat and tidy, ready to post, then drug my feet.  I watched while my blogger friends posted similar if not the same items I had curated for my post.  You know there’s just not that many things you can pick for a man, so it was  the typical list for Dad…a new tie, belt, grill, cooler, grilling items, ipad, etc…then I thought what if we got really creative and gave Dad something that can’t go out and buy?  What would that be exactly you are asking at this point?  Here’s a list of what I came up with.  Make sure to print out and give to your kids.  Let them decide what they want to do, then if necessary, help them gather the items they need to give their gift.  You can participate too if you want!
1. Activity
What does Dad like to do?  Golf, Swim, Walk, Hike?
What if you spent some time together in an activity on this day with your Dad?
2. Make Him a Card
Making cards isn’t just for preschoolers.  We can all do it especially in this age
of technology where we are all desktop publishers.  Better yet, why not get out
the ole crayolas  and color him a card with handy, dandy construction paper as
your base.  Simple is just fine!
3.  Photography
Grab your camera and have a photo session with your Dad.  Yes, that’s right!  Of course you might have to inlist Mom to take the pics, but I’m sure she will be glad to.  If not grab your friend and offer to do the same with their Dad for them in exchange.
4.  Stroll Down Memory Lane
Grab the family photo album and Dad for a fun time of looking back over the years.
It might be a gift for him but I’m sure you will learn something from the process and enjoy it too.  While you are at it, grab your parent’s wedding album or your Dad’s high school or college year book and ask them to share it with you.  You might learn things about your Dad you can pass on to your children.
5. Make Dad The Star of Your Own Movie
If he is willing, ask Dad if he will star in your “This is your life” video.  Compile a list of questions for Dad, starting with something like 1) Where were you born 2) What is your favorite childhood memory 3) Tell me about life in your house when you were growing up.
4) What was your favorite childhood treat? 5) Who was the first girl you ever dated? etc.
You can go all through the years and really find out about dad.  It will be a treasure for years to come for your family.
6) Be A Chef
What’s your Dad’s favorite meal?  Offer to have him over and cook for him.  Really
gussy up the table with things he would appreciate like old photos or if he likes to golf, sprinkle the table with golf tees, etc.
7) Be a Poet
Write a poem about your Dad. Ok, so you might have to buy a frame for this one,
 but IKEA sells them really cheaply.  Here is a good option. You could pick his fav color!
8) Be Spiritual
Pick a favorite verse, motto or scripture and print it out on your computer to frame, make a bookmark or write him a note on.  Here are some quotes on pinterest you can choose from, also here are some scriptures that relate to Dads. 
9) Be a Servant
Any special jobs, chores or things that Dad has been meaning to do that he hasn’t gotten
done around the house?  How bout painting that fence, or fixing the latch on the door, any
task that you can do depending on your abilities will be most appreciated.
10) Write Dad a letter
Sit down and actually take the time to think of all the things your Dad has done for you and write him a letter.  Tell him who attributes you find admirable in him.  Tell him why you are proud he is your Dad.  I think this could possibly be his favorite gift.
Ok, so that’s all I’ve got! There are so many other creative things you could do depending on your time, talents and your Dad’s interests but hopefully these ideas will get your creative juices flowing to create something for Dad that is unique and special.  All the ideas I have listed can work whether you are 6 or 66.  (Younger kids might need a little help from an adult to get their gift done) but making it a family affair will make the day that much more special! 
Let me know what you do on Father’s Day?  Even if you still feel like you need to buy something for your Dad, how about adding a personal touch to the gift with one of the suggestions above?
You can visit this Father’s Day Pinterest Board for all kinds of handmade ideas!
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Good Luck!
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