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Edyta Czajkowska – Fabulous Friend On Friday

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Today’s fabulous friend is Edyta Czajkowska,(Ed-ah-tah) who owns a successful Chicago based Interior Design Studio Edyta & Co!  She also writes a fab blog by the same name, which I love to read.  If aren’t already following her blog, find out what you are missing by clicking here!  Edyta posts about trends, gives sneak peeps of her projects and shares amazing furniture, accessories or industry secrets she has discovered.  [Click Here to Read]
Not only is Edyta a designer, but she is an accomplished artist, who sells her amazing paintings on etsy here.  Currently, she doesn’t have any paintings in her shop, because they sell as fast as she paints them, but mark it as a “favorite” so you don’t miss out the next time she restocks!  
Edyta and I started chatting on twitter with a group of our mutual friends from Tobi Fairley Business Solutions/Mastermind group , but didn’t actually meet in real life, until we were both invited by Brizo to participate in Blogger19 Fashion week in New York last year!  I have to say Edyta is as pretty in person as her photographs!  She is genuine, friendly and a vegetarian like me!  (Of course I do cheat with seafood on ocassion.) Edyta makes me so hungry posting her veggie foodie pics on instagram.  She is a fab cook and posts amazing looking dishes she prepares for herself and her hubby.  I’ll be she can hear me drooling all the way from NC to Chicago!  
Recently, Erin featured one of her projects on House of Turquoise.  Read about that project here!  Jen Ramos of  Made By Girl, also wrote a post on Edyta and shared a great pic of one of her projects here!  As a leading designer in “The Windy City”, it’s obvious  why my friend gets posted around the blogosphere quite frequently!  

Feast your eyes on what she brings us today….
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I really don’t like showing the “before” first because I like seeing the pretties
 first myself!(a little thing, I learned from Mrs. Tobi Fairley) so here you go!  
But had to share the “before” so you can see how talented Edyta is! 
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Beautiful work Edyta!  You gave the client a fresh, new, clean, sophicated look! 
 Absolutely beautiful!  I know they were pleased!  Tell us about the project?  
Can you share details and resources?

Edyta & Co: 
In reference to these client’s project:
It was a young newly married couple that just purchased a home and needed help  creating a space that felt bit more sophisticated, fresh and fun. The wife really loved traditional elements and fresh color and the husband wanted a space to feel bright. I came up with a design that felt soothing yet vibrant and really celebrated the love or traditional elements while infusing bright pops of color and some luxurious elements so it felt bit more sophisticated. The space was done on rather a constricted budget and we chose to splurge on key pieces that would give the most impact.
Armchairs : Vintage reupholstered in linen printed damask
Coffee table: Horchow : “Amelie”
Velvet pillows : Custom made out of Kravet Velvet
Rug : Surya: Fallon in Gold

Thank you also for answering my questions!  It’s fun for my readers to learn more about my fabulous friends and even though I know them, I learn something new every time I do this feature.  I like to share awesome friends with awesome readers!  

Enjoy Edyta’s interview below!

Your name is very beautiful and unusual, tell me about it?  


Thank you! Edyta is a Polish name as I am Polish. From what I know, it means “wealthy gift”  It is the same name as the “Edyta” from dancing with the stars 😉  what’s interesting is that my sister and I also ballroom danced and competed in ballroom dancing at a young age. There are also quite a few great singers and notable women in Poland that carry this name and I happened to be named after one of them. The translation to English would be Edith
 What is your background?
I was born in Poland and came to the US with my family as a child. I speak, write and read Polish. While I visited Poland last year I was often complimented on how great I speak. I have to thank my parents for that
Why did you decide to become an interior designer?
Growing up my mom was a math professor, however she was also an amazing homemaker.  Our house always looked beautiful. I remember going on trips with her to buy textiles for our new drapes or bedding. She cooked dinner daily and still does. She collected china, crystal and had the most beautiful linens for every occasion. We were also building a new home and I remember taking part in all decisions and seeing the whole process at such a young age, it fascinated me.
  Because of all this I really developed a deep rooted love for everything about a home, the idea what it felt like, what it meant and the aesthetics. When we moved to the US the notion of a home became even more meaningful to me. I was always very artistic and continuously took different art classes. While in high school I decided to take an interior design class, as I knew I would enjoy it. After that I decided that this is what I wanted to do for living. I pursued this passion by obtaining a BFA in Interior Design, worked for some great design firms and became licensed, registered and NCIDQ certified Interior Designer.
Tell me about your practice.  Do you have a specialty?
Prior to starting EDYTA & CO. I worked for few amazing companies, some that focused on luxurious residential interiors and I also had the opportunity to consult for commercial firms on many prestigious commercial projects which was fantastic. After getting all this experience I learned a lot about myself, the business, where I thrive and what I love. I knew I wanted to work close with my clients utilizing my aesthetic inclination, while creating environments that would serve as a stage for people’s lives.
 I wanted to utilize my strengths in finding what is meaningful in people’s lives, what makes them happy while celebrating that and creating luxurious environments for modern living. I love coming up with a vision for interiors based what my clients express to me. I love creating a backdrop for my client’s lifestyle, an atmosphere for someone to live and thrive in.
My company is a full service design firm- meaning we present the design to the client, they approve it and we take care of the rest.  However I also work on consulting basis for other companies and homeowners. Many of my clients are animal owners and lovers, which is so fantastic as I am one too.  I love to accommodate clients that include their pup as one of the family members on the design list, no sofa or bed is ever off limits.:)
What’s your most interesting project you have designed so far?
Hmmm I designed many amazing interesting projects ranging from Chicago’s East Lake Shore Drive Apartment in the Historic Benjamin Marshall building to designing a residential tower in Dubai which I worked on in the metric scale, however I know that there will be many amazing projects in my future that will be very interesting as they will be fulfilling.
If you could do anything what would be your dream project?
Of course I would love a client that gives me a Carte Blanche while fully trusting my vision, so that we could execute their project to its fullest potential utilizing some of the most amazing artists, artisans and design sources – this is really what makes a design special, personal and cutting edge.
Who is your favorite designer(s)?
Many designers inspire me even if their aesthetic is very different from my own, yet I have always loved Kelly Hoppen. Although I infuse much more color and irreverent elements in my spaces, I love how her spaces feel so opulent yet quiet, sophisticated, sexy and they exude the most amazing atmosphere, they have that zen factor.
      Do you have a signature style or certain element you like to use in your projects?
Yes, each space I design I want it to feel modern, luxurious and personal. I love clean lines, modern elements, luxurious European textiles and original abstract art.
What is your favorite current trend?
Color, I love deep strong colors & wallpaper. I actually just did an article for North Shore Modern Luxury Magazine highlighting these two amongst other trends
 If I were coming to Chicago to visit where would you tell me to eat?
If you are in Chicago I’d have you over so I can cook for you 😉
 (and I would gladly accept!!!  #edytaisagreatcook!)
What are most people surprised to learn about you?
People are surprised to learn that I also paint, I don’t eat meat and that I have two pit bulls. My husband and I are big animal advocates and are proud parents to two amazing rescued pitties – they are precious & a ball of fun.
Where do you see Edyta & Co in 10 years? 
I love being a designer and I want to keep my company rather small so that I could be personally involved in the design which I really enjoy. I see many amazing luxurious happy clients’ projects, a textile line and perhaps some great and meaningful collaborations. I also want my company to continually give back to causes that are important to me such as animal welfare.
Thank you my fabulous friend Edyta for sharing a bit of yourself and your
 work with us today!!! 
To Connect with Edyta:
All photographs courtesy of Edyta Czajkowska
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