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Tricia StrickFaden – Fabulous Friend on Friday

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My favorite aspect of social media is how easily you can connect to people and become virtual friends. One night recently while on Facebook I met the artist, Tricia StrickFaden from Manhattan Beach, California.  I immediately popped over to her Facebook page to check out her work and was instantly mesmerized!  The painting above was my favorite, but it had been sold.  It is so dreamy.  Tricia offered to paint a similar one for me.  She said she does commission all the time.  Good to know if you need something special for a client.
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I am always drawn to anything maritime.  I find myself gravitating to anything with shades of blue, so these paintings appealed to me from the start.  She interprets the ocean and landscapes in abstract manner that evokes emotion from the viewer. Her modern interpretation of landscapes is fresh and atmospheric.  I can only imagine how beautiful these works are in person.  Tricia indulged me by accepting an interview for your enjoyment in hopes you will get the know her better.  Enjoy!
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Q. What is your training?
 TS-. I am primarily self-taught, but did study Interior Design and Art in college.  I took a few oil painting classes at a local community college to familiarize myself with the oil medium, and it just took off from there.
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Q. What inspires your work?
TS– Mostly nature, and the beautiful colors of its oceans and landscapes. 
Living at the coast has been a great inspiration for my work. I am constantly photographing our coastline at different times of the day, the sunsets, cloud formations, storms, etc.  I try to capture those soothing hues of the oceans, from the steely greys to ocean teals, and everything in between, to pull the viewer into the painting, and feel that they are resting on its undulating waters. I use these photographs as inspirations, and a jumping off point to start a new piece. Often they reflect the feeling and mood of the photograph, and sometimes they start there, and then become something completely different. Its always a fresh journey each time.
My interior design background, and love of color and texture also influence my work.  A current color trend in interiors for instance, can spark an idea of a painting.
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Q. Is there an artist or person who inspired you to become an artist?
TS-I have been creating art in some sort of fashion since I was a child. Becoming a serious painter, however, did not hit me until later in life.  After the birth of my daughter, I felt inspired to get back to my artistic roots, and start painting.  I have not stopped since.
The artist that inspired me to paint abstract landscapes was Luc Leestemaker.  (Previous to that my work was very textural, heavy paint, but with a modern, geometric genre.)  I never had the priviledge of meeting him in person, but studied his work for some time.  I connected with his work in a way that no other artist had impacted me before. He painted with all the colors and textures I loved, and his work had a very etheral, windswept feel to them.  I found myself painting in a similar style in the beginning, until my work took on its own path.
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Q. Do you have a favorite color palette you like to work from?
TS – Yes, all the beautiful colors of nature, from the bright blues of the sky, to the calming colors of the ocean, to the earthy tones of browns, golds, and greens of a landscape.  However, I am really drawn to blues at the moment, and find myself painting predominantly blue in a lot of paintings.
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Q. Tell me artist that you admire?
TS. Luc Leestemaker, of course.  But also Mark Rothko, and Jackson Pollock
      are two of my favorites.
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Q. What would you tell someone who is just starting out as an artist?
TS- Experiment, always evolve your work, or it becomes boring and stagnant.  Try new things, even if they don’t work out, you learn something from the process.

Q. What would be your dream commission?
TS – A huge painting, maybe a 10′ x 12′ canvas or larger, and hung in some sort of public place.
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Q. Do you have a favorite getaway?
TS – Charleston, SC and its coastal surrounds.  Its my favorite city in the world.
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Q. What’s a secret about you that you think would be surprising to know?
TS- That I rarely call a painting finished.  I can always go back to it even years later and work on it or change it in some way.  I strive for perfection in my work, but in my mind can never achieve it.  I am still looking for it.  At some point, I just call it “finished”.  Also, I don’t like to paint the same painting twice.  I get asked to do it all the time. Once I am “done” with a piece, I have to move on to something else.
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Q. What is your favorite gift you have ever received?
TS – My children of course, is the first thing that comes to mind.  They are the most special gifts of my life.  But if I would have to select an actual “gift”, I would have to say my art studio, a gift from my husband.  When we built our house in Manhattan Beach, CA  several years ago, he made sure I had a space in our new home that I could paint.  It is my sanctuary. 
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Q. If you could invite anyone to dinner who would you invite?
TS – Gosh, that is an interesting question.  So many possibilities, but I will tell you what first popped in my head.  I would have to say Jeffrey Alan Marks and Ross Cassidy to start.  They are my favorite interior design team right now .  I love their design aesthetic, and it suits my style perfectly.  I am dying to work on a project with them, and I think my paintings would fit seamlessly in some of their coastal projects.  Also, they seem like such great guys, easy going, funny and down to earth.  I have an architect friend that knows them personally, and he says the same thing.
Next on my list is Gwenyth Paltrow. She is one of my favorite actresses, and I admire her very much.  She seems to have it all together;  career, mom, wife, and family. 
Finally, is Ellen DeGeneres.  I love the message that she puts out there, be kind to everyone.  She is a great role model, is hilariously funny, and a extremely generous, positive person. Would love to meet her.
Well, I’m just glad I met you Tricia so I could share your fab work with all of my readers!  Thank You so much Tricia for being my Fabulous Friend on Friday!!!
Tricia’s work is currently shown at  local art events, designer Tim Clarke’s Tower 20 design studio/store in Santa Monica,Mecox Gardens in West Hollywood, as well as local restaurants and galleries or you can buy online. 
Connect with Tricia:
Please feel free to contact Tricia to inquire about her paintings!
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