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I am so disappointed that I can’t attend Tobi Fairley’s “Getting Published” Camp!

I am so disappointed that I can’t attend Tobi Fairley’s “Getting Published” Camp!  It just so happens it is the week I am installing my show house room for the Greensboro Junior League Show house sponsored by Traditional Homes magazine.  While I am excited about participating in the show house, this camp is one not to miss.  Since I can’t go, will you please go for me?     The Journey to Getting Published Camp with Tobi Fairley April 7-11 (DETAILS HERE).  Every time I go to Tobi’s studio for a camp, I make important contacts and leave armed with helpful info that propels me into action!
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The #1 goal when getting published is to receive recognition for your design work.  Getting published gives your work credibility and increases your reach to potential clients.  
Having professional photographs also helps when selling your home.  Your home is often shown in it’s best when photographed.   What better way to honor a client than to give them a book of published photographs of their home!  Love it!  If you want to know more about Tobi and her workshops please feel free to contact me.  She is the “real deal”.  I have learned so much from her.  I highly recommend you do the same.  If you contact her please let her know that you found her because of me!!!  Here is a link to check out the camp!  
If you want to go to camp but the tuition is holding you back email me, we wills see what we can do to help get you there!!!  
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