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Greensboro Junior League/Traditional Homes Show House


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As many of you know Traci Zeller and I have been working fast and furiously on the show house.  To catch you up on our adventures, our fabric arrived today.  Follow me on instagram LisaMende to get a sneak peek of some of our choices.  So what have we learned this week?  #1 We have been so lucky to have the awesome companies to partner with us in our show room.   #2) Without those partners it would be virtually impossible to do our room the way Traci and I wanted to do it.  3) Sometimes the best laid plans just don’t work out!  4)  Embrace the plans that fall apart because often times there is something better that is about to take place! 

Some of our partners in the house are C.R. LaineMadegoodsKravetCentury FurnitureModernaireCirca, and  Sarah and Ruby Studios to name a few.  (if you click on the links you might get a glimpse of some of the items we are using in our room although they may not be in the fabrics or finishes we have chosen) We will be posting about all the people who are helping to make our room a reality!  We couldn’t do it without you!

Here is a floor plan of the second floor of the house.  Our room is the last room on the far right.  If you enter  the house and take the beautiful nautilus on the left in the foyer, at the top of the stairs, walk through the beautiful iron gates, then take a left, walk through the master suite sitting room, being designed by Lisa Kahn-Allen,(remember I blogged about her line with Chelsea Houselast year?) then walk into the sleeping porch being design by Warren Kessler and enter our gentleman’s dressing room…it will be worth the effort!  The house is large as you can see and all the designers are already hard at work creating a feast for the eyes!  

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To learn more about the Show House please click Here!
Make sure to mark your calendar for the following dates!
The Show House will open on April 20th and run through May 5th.
Meet the designer day is April 26th!
The Show House is located at 3301 Alamance Road Greensboro,NC
We Hope to see you there!
Every Wednesday I will have a weekly update on our progress.  

Last but not least, please go to DoodleHome and see the photos from Design Bloggers Conference and while there would love it if you would vote for my board! I might win an ipad and you could win two just for voting!  Here’s the link….click here

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