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Nate Berkus for Target on Olioboard!!!!

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I have curated some of my favorite Nate Berkus for Target items on Olioboard!  Have you seen the collection?  Well, you can say that Nate has once again knocked the ball out of the park on this collection!  I think the accessories are phenomenal!  Speaking of phenomenal, you know how much I love Olioboard!  I use it all the time for my projects!  If you aren’t using it, you are missing the boat!  

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(That’s my friend, Amy Vermillion above, I think this was when we heard Candice Olson and Ann Maine speak during last market)


I am speaking on Feb. 21st in the Baker Showroom in High Point during the Winter series forThe Unity In Design Event about Olioboard and other great tools to grow your design business with online social media tools, I hope you will be joining me?  In the meanwhile, go toOlioboard and see Nate’s new collection and play with various combos, bet you’ll be ordering something for your own home!  It’s pretty incredible!!!  I love the selections of boxes, trays, baskets,rugs and I admit I’m kinda gaga for the turtle shells for $40!!!  
It’s a totally great designer look at a great price!
Check my public Olioboards Here!
 (When working with clients, I make my boards private, did you know that Olioboard give you the option to make your boards public or private?)
If you don’t currently use Olioboard,  watch the tutorial below to learn how easy it is to curate your own room!
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