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Phase #1 Of Living Authentically – Needs

Today I want to talk about the questions I ask you to answer on Monday.  Did you make your notebook?  Here’s a picture of mine.  I bought it at Walmart(bet you thought mine would be Kate Spade or something didn’t you)  In my efforts to be  “authentic” I must admit I want this notebook to be a workhorse.  I want to be able to drag it around and let it visit the school of hard knocks in the bottom of my bag or where ever it lands.  Inside is completely outfitted  with my plastic sleeves and sections which you will see later!  
Would love to see a pic of your book..  
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Now to begin to answers the questions!  We are going to start with one aspect and each week talk about area we need to address to live our best life in our home.
If you were my client, I would ask you what your budget is first, but since you are in charge of this project, we will discuss budget last for a couple of reasons.  My main reason for discussing needs first, is because I feel authentic living begins with how you live. The pretty things and fluff come later in the process. My interior design practice has always focused on function first, then aesthetics. Today we are  going to talk about functionality of your home. Let’s get down and dirty!  Get the analytical process out of the way first, so we can begin to have fun!  yeah, yeah, we all want the pretty, but does your house work?  I’m talking really work for your lifestyle,your needs and that of your family? I promise you will learn if you stick with me!
Section #Needs – Every homes need are different.  The needs for a single person are different than the needs for a family of five.  Needs are always changing.  Your fifteen year olds feet may be dangling off the twin size bed now. 
If you really haven’t thought about your needs, here are some questions to delve deeper into the process and to help you get started.  I would suggest you first write down your thoughts and then have a family meeting asking your family about their needs.  You might even interview each member of the family.  I’ll bet you will be surprised at the feedback
you get, I know I was.
1) Does your home fit your needs and the needs of your family? Ask each member about their needs.
2) Do you have rooms in your home that are rarely used?
3) Do you have needs for additional rooms and don’t
have them?  i.e. home office, music room,study
3) Has your family changed since you bought your home?
i.e. kids older, empty nester,etc
4)What needs are we talking about addressing:
a)sleeping b)storage c)functionality
d)play areas e) eating  f) work  g) relaxing
h)entertaining i) extended family needs-guest
(if i missed anything please tell me)
5) Are you willing to do what it takes to meet those needs?
Really think about these needs and write them down.    This is the beginning of the process.  It isn’t an easy task, but a necessary one!  Meet me back next Monday to discuss more on needs. Tomorrow we will talk about clutter and how to simply and cut down on clutter!
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