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Great Idea for Valentine’s Day Gifts!!!

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 The count down is on to find the perfect gift for your valentine.  What will it be?  

Do you have to ship gifts and have no idea what to send?  Candy only over rated, it only offers calories and cavities.  Sending flowers is really kinda ridiculous since they jack up the prices and we all know we can buy a perfectly good bunch at Trader Joe’s for five bucks.   Why not give the gift that is sure to be a big hit?


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Have you heard about GiftRocket?

It’s the new, young, hip way to give a gift!

It’s like a gift card only better!

This is what the card looks like

This is how it works…

1. You purchase the GiftRocket online and it canbe emailed to the recipient or printed out.  You can suggest where for them to spend it or leave it up to them.

2. They can redeem immediately via bank transfer, paypal,
check in the mail or credit card.

3.  They buy something they like, either what the gift giver suggested or something else without hurting feelings, or messy returns, exchanges,etc.

Why GiftRocket?

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You can buy for friends that don’t live in your city!
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You can buy for use at businesses that
 don’t have gift cards.

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If the recipient doesn’t want to use it the way
you specify, they can use it for anything they choose.

Got Questions?

check out the FAQs 

Order your Gift Rocket now and forgo the last minute “walk of shame” at the drugstore! Your Valentines sweeties
 will be lovin’ you on Heart Day!!  Oh and if you still want a traditional card to send along with your GiftRocket, make sure you order today at TinyPrints to take advantage of the 20%off discount I shared here or create your own darling little watercolor card, the step by step is here.!

(Gift Rocket sponsored this ad, but I truly do use and love this product
and I think you will too or I wouldn’t share it with you!) 

All Graphics courtesy of GiftRocket

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