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I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas…

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I’ll bet you were picturing the Anhauser Busch Clydesdales pulling a sleigh through the snow with bells jingling weren’t you?  Of course as beautiful as that scene is, that’s not what I am talking about here.  America has fallen in love with neutral interiors.  As lovely as an all white room can be it does come with issues.  I have been to parties where the hostess only offered white wine for fear a guest would ruin the beautiful white upholstery if a glass of red wine accidentally spilled.  Shame on that!  There really is a solution so that beautiful furniture, red wine and guests can co-exist in one room.  Are you familiar with Ultraguard fabric protection? 

 Ultraguard is applied to your fabrics to protect against spills, pet stains, grass stains, blood, food and fading.  It is non toxic, doesn’t change the feel of your fabrics.  Ultraguard chemically bonds with your fabrics to create a finish for permanent protection and last through 30 washings which most furniture doesn’t require in its lifetime unless your kid is Dennis the Mennis.  Go ahead and choose that cream colored sofa, Ultraguard can be applied to delicate fabrics such silks and wools or work horse chenilles. They also have  a special treatment for leather and suede.  Entertain this holiday season and worry no more!  Call 1 866 667-6685 today to find out if there is a service center in your area.  Quick quotes can be given over the phone.   If there isn’t service in your area, order the supplies online and do it yourself.  Beware though, the warranty doesn’t apply if not done by the company professional.  Ultraguard makes it where you can have your cake and eat it too on the
 best chair in the house!

Call today and get your fabrics treated so you have a worry free holiday! Tell them I sent you!

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