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“Holiday Style” Hop with Olioboard

I am so excited I was asked to participate Olioboard‘s
 “Holiday Style” Christmas Hop 

If you read my blog on a regular basis you know how much I adore Olioboard.  I use it for all sorts of things from client presentations to creating mood boards to inspire me for my blog. If you don’t know what Olioboard is, it’s not too late to learn!   Olioboard is a fabulous website that allows you to create your own interior design mood boards using their extensive library of products and images, or you can upload your own. It’s similar to a simplified version of Photoshop.  It’s super easy to use but I found watching the youtube video “How to Create 3D Room Designs on Olioboard” really helpful.  It’s the quickest 
way to learn how to use Olioboard!

I am honored to be in the company of nine other well known designers and bloggers who  are also joining in on the fun and have created their visions of  “Holiday Style.”  I chose to do two rooms, one for the “Lady of the House” and one for “The gentleman”.  
Here are my Holiday Inspirations:

For The Gentleman of the House:
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For the Gentleman’s study, I picture a very traditional design in traditional red and greens.  which add richness to the otherwise masculine decor.  I picture the wall painted Benjamin Moore Grey Owl to compliment the dark wood paneling. The fun pillows tossed in the chairs are a crowning touch. All that is needed to finish this room is a fire in the fireplace, a yummy cup of cider and a good book.  I’m quite sure that Saint Nick will pause for a rest in one of these cozy chairs before taking off up the chimney again, don’t you?

For The Lady of the House:

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The lady of the house is sure to enjoy her holiday guests in this glamourous living room painted in Benjamin Moore’s White Christmas 872and accent of Pink Bliss 2093-70.  The grey velvet sofa,mirrored side table, brass and black coffee table along with the pink with a dash of purple are perfectly on trend for the hippest holiday ever.  
I am inspired by a rooms decor when decorating for the holidays.  My inspiration rooms  have decorations that blend with the room’s decor which elevates the room to its highest potential.  
 Below is a list of tips to make your room cohesive and festive in Holiday Style:
1) Sit down with a pen and paper and make a plan.  While you are at it, make it a pretty notebook and pen like the ones from Looking online, in
 magazines and books can be a great places to get ideas.  
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2)   I typically start with color ideas which always translates to ribbon for me because there are so many pretty patterns and colors available.  I find three to work with the decor and
build my palette from there. Ribbon can be used to wrap the presents, bannister rails and decorating the tree giving a room a cohesive look.  So shop for ribbon first!
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3) Consider repeating the colors in your room in your holiday decor and add a touch of sparkle to make it look festive.  For example, if the room is blue and green, buy blue and green ribbon and add gold to the mix to great beautiful bows to accentuate the decor.

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4) Change out pillows to something more festive than pillows used everyday.  
Try something with sequins, holiday designs or colors if your room allows.
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5) Pretty Christmas books on the coffee table are always a nice addition to a holiday room.
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6) Don’t forget the smell.  Pine or cranberry candles and potpourri arouse the senses when displayed.  Make sure you have a pine scented candles especially if you
 use an artificial tree.  I particularly love Thymes Fir Candles.
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7) Bring in the logs and have a real fire.  There is nothing quite like a crackling fire.
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8) Add a cozy throw to make your room feel warm and toasty by the fire or toss
 it on a table for surprising simple tablecloth. 
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9) Choose a favorite holiday album to play while you sit by the fire. One of my favorites
is CeeLo Green’s “Magic Moment
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10) Always, always add fresh greens and things from nature inside and out.  
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Martha Stewart Living

The most important part of creating a “Holiday Style” Room is factoring in time to sit and enjoy it during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season!

I hope you enjoyed my “Holiday Style” Olioboards now make sure you click over and see what the others participating in the hop have created!


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Thank You Olioboard, Sheilah MacSporran 
and Leslie Carothers!!!!!
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Also, I am sorry I haven’t announced the winner of the WilsonArt Contest but I was out of town from Thursday til Sunday and haven’t had time to put the names in the random generator to I will announce the winner tomorrow!  I have another Giveaway in the works I think you will enjoy!

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