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Should I Do It or Not?

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Ty Larkin Interior Design
I have long been a lover of painted floors which leads me to a dilemma.  I am at a crossroads and can’t seem to move forward, since it is my own house and there isn’t a client to yay or nay the idea, I need you! My floors need refinishing and I very tempted to paint them instead!  I absolutely love the look.  Will I hate myself if I do?  Two boys, one yorkie and 
lots of kids will be the issues?  If I do it, do I buy socks for everyone to adorn when they visit?  haha!  I have heard all kins of tales of using marine paint, etc.  What are your thoughts?  Have you painted floors?  Were you happy? If you have an opinion or advice I am opening the flood gate….
Tell me pah-leazzze!!!
If you have painted floors and they have held up
 well please share your process!  
If you want to see some of my floor inspirations other that the dynamite show house  above that designer Ty Larkin so beautifully created, check out my Pinterest Board Here!
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