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How We Can Help The Victims of Sandy

As CNN so aptly put it “Devastation is Devastation”
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CNN via Ashley Fantz
I have never experience the aftermath of a hurricane that took my home but I have lost a child and the feeling you have after surviving a life tragedy is the same.  You feel uprooted, confused and lost.  Your life feels on hold till you sort through the rubble deciding what to keep and what to let go of. You realize that you are ok and that life isn’t about material things.  
If you are lucky enough to be a believer, your faith swoops in like an eagle and lifts you in a place of knowing you are loved, you have support even if it is a kind hearted stranger.  You are shown a path, a way to rebuild.  Just knowing you are not in this battle alone, somehow makes the journey easier, no matter how hard it might be.  Trust me, you are not alone.
There are people praying for you, wish you strength to fight the fight back to your “new normal”.  It will take time but it will happen.  There will be little reminders along the way…memories that will tug at your heart strings but you will be grateful for the memories and move forward because that is all you can do.  I’m praying for you, rooting for you for you are never far from my thoughts.  I am living proof that you can feel joy again, you can rebuild and you can move forward.
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Taking a moment to send prayers to all those affected by Hurricane Sandy and my hopes that you are soon with electricity, warmth and in a place of safety.  Since I don’t live in the areas affected, I am not able to provide shelter but I can donate money to those helping with clean up and offering supplies and shelter to the many people in need. 
 Please join me in Helping our Neighbors….
Here are some ways we can help!
1) Donate to the Red Cross
Call 1 800 Red Cross or text the word
“Redcross” to 90999 to make a $10 donation
2) Other places to call and make donations: –  shelter/supplies– food,water & supplies – medicine & supplies – food clean up kits, 
personal hygiene & food kits – relief for families w/kids – volunteers to help clean up
2) Blood supplies are low since nearly 100
Red Cross blood drives were cancelled due to Sandy,
so if you are in the New York/New Jersey area,
call 1 800 933-2566 to donate.
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