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Five Day Giveaway Winners Announced!!!

As most of you know by now, High Point Market announced
 on Friday that I won “The Style Spotter” Contest 
at The High Point Market for Oct. 2012!  This would not have 
happened, if it had not been for the support, I got from all of 
you!  To thank you for your support I sponsored a 
5 Day Giveaway which I was suppose to announce
 yesterday, but due to glitches with blogger,
couldn’t do til now!  Thank you again to all who 
supported me!  I wish I could take you all with me to camp!
And Now for The Winners???
 I entered names into the drawing daily by filling my
Halloween Cauldron with each effort!  
My son drew the names of the winners! ,
Again, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for
Your Support!!!
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The news you have been waiting to hear!
The 5 Day Giveaway Prize Winners Are:
Day 1:
1 Year Subscription to Elle Decor Magazine!
Winner of the Elle Decor Subscription is….
Kelly Kole
Day 2:
Beautiful Cocktail Ring in turquoise color
set in silver rhodium setting 
A little jewlery is always nice, and
this piece is in one of the hot decorating colors

 I saw all over market!
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Winner of the Cocktail Ring is…..
Christy Davis
Day 3:

If you don’t have this book in your collection you definitely want
it!  Great read and beautiful pictures!
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Courtesy of Suzanne & Lauren McGrath
Winner of “Good Bones, Great Pieces” is….
Lesli Devito

(Any one of the cotton wovens in your choice
 that are in stock!  $30 value)
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Winner of the Dash & Albert Cotton 2′ x 3′ rug is….
(pick your choice of the cotton wovens and
 it will be shipped to you!)
Chrissi Shields
Day 5:
  Design Camp with Lori Dennis and

Kelli Ellis in Atlanta, Ga. Jan. 30 – Feb. 1!!!
Winner of the Design Camp is…..

Liz Carroll of Wilmington,NC
Thank you Liz for your support in the Style Spotter
Contest!  Pack your bags!  You are going to camp!
(if winner is unable to go, Lisa Mende Design
reserves the right to chose the replacement)
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**Will all the winners please send me your mailing
 address via
I am also sending out a few extra surprise gifts to
people who supported me, don’t be surprised if
you get a little package in the mail from 
Lisa Mende Design if you were a big supporter!
Tomorrow I will begin my recap of High Point and
extended coverage of the “Style Spotted” showrooms and 
more!  So much to share!!!
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