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Winners of the Prizes!!! & Where Did Monday Go?

Yesterday was gone before it got started!  We had to close up the beach house for the season and drive 4 hours in the car.  There were moans and groans from some not so happy campers who were dreading returning to daily routines!  
I didn’t get time to do a post because of the travel and getting everything unpacked once we got home.  It was a busy day to say the least!

Announcing The Winners of The Giveaway for Voting for
Me in the High Point Style Market Spotter Contest on Olio board
It just so happens that both winners have a blog of their own!

The personalized monogram created by Artist Patricia Van Esche of PVE Design

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If you aren’t familiar with Patricia’s work make sure you check out her
  Etsy Shopwebsite and her blog!
  Her work is incredible!

The monogram was won by
Barbara Viteri of New York City !!!
Barbara is the founder and owner of Viteri Management.
She has a fabulous  blog, with great tips for the busy professional!

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The glassy baby votive holder was won by
Patty Day of Griffin, Georgia!!
Patty is the author of Patty’s Epiphanies which is a blog
about Patty’s interior design interests and retirement life with her
adorable husband MC.

If you aren’t familiar with the glassy baby story please take a minute and
 read about glassy baby and it’s founder Lee Rhodes here!  A percentage of the
sale of glassy baby goes to help cancer patients with expenses. 

Congrats Ladies!! Thanks to everyone who voted!!!
I truly do appreciate your support!!!

 This is going to be a busy week, I leave tomorrow for the Brizo  Event for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week  in NYC!!!  I can hardly wait!!! I hope to get a few posts in but please don’t hold it against me if I don’t!     I can’t wait to meet the Brizo team and Jason Wu!  I promise to return with all kinds of pics and interesting info but in the meanwhile you can follow along with our adventures on twitterFacebook and instagram!

I can’t wait to see all the beautiful things Brizo is creating
for the new collection!  Fashion really does meet function at Brizo!

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Very excited about attending Jason Wu’s Fashion Show and
meeting him at the cocktail party!  His designs for Brizo are
truly works of art!  Fashion forward and very stylish pieces for your home!

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Make it a great Tuesday!  We will begin our series on
creating our sanctuary in our homes as soon as I return from
Fashion Week, until then it will be all about Brizo, Fashion Week
and being in the Big Apple with the other 18 designers who will be with me!!!
Thank You Brizo for sending me to NYC so I can meet
your fabulous design team and attend Fashion Week!!!  I am so excited!!!!

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