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House of Fifty!

Janell has done it again!!!!!
If you haven’t seen the new  Fall 2012 issue of House of Fifty, please make sure you do now!  I think it is the best issue ever and not because “yours truly” is in it. 
Janell has an uncanny knack for finding the most interesting people and stories to share with us.  I applaud Janell for following her dream and for allowing so many of us to be included along the way!  Thank You Janell for including me!!!
I hope you enjoy my article about raising boys!!!!
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House of Fifty Fall 2012

Every time I read House of Fifty, I think wow!  How does she do it?  Every issue is chocked full of information that spans the gamut of lifestyle articles to interiors.
It is a must read for the modern woman in my opinion. 

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Photo Courtesy of Mayme Baker

I especially enjoyed reading the article about Mayme Baker, the interior designer from  Greenville, SC.  Her shop isn’t too far from me so I keep thinking one day I am going to take a road trip and go visit her!  Her house is very similar to my own design aesthetic.   I like color and so does Mayme!  Enjoy the magazine and your Wednesday! I am in Little Rock, Arkansas for my Mastermind Group with Tobi Fairley.  My past few days have been a whirlwind.  I still need to share all the details of my trip to NYC with Brizo and Jason Wu!  I have so much to tell!  Hopefully, I will get my posts done soon! 

Take Care and Make it a Great Day!!!!

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