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Giving Credit Where Credit is Due With Photographs

This past week, I found myself in bed, flat of my back with double pneumonia.  
It was poor timing to be stricken with this horrid illness.  I was vying in the High Point Market Olioboard Contest for the 9th Style Spotter,  therefore, I knew more eyes than usual would be on my blog.  The problem was I didn’t feel like writing the blog.  I had such a migraine headache it was painful to even look at the computer screen, but I felt I had no choice than to produce a post. In retrospect, I should have stayed in bed and rested.  Why?  I wrote the post, but took a shortcut and posted the “photos as courtesy of Pinterest“.  I had gotten them off Pinterest and when I clicked on them to find the source, it went to a blog, so I assumed the blog had given the proper credit.  Rather than do what I normally do and track the source down, I took the shortcut.  When I see photos on other blogs,I typically  pop over to Pinterest and find the photo to locate the source, so I knew my readers could do that as well.  I typically don’t do that.  I generally always find the source and credit.  It was definitely poor judgement on my part.  I have learned my lesson.  if I don’t feel up to completing a post with proper research, I won’t post.

  Here are the photos that were featured in Better Homes and Gardens , allow me to correct my mistake and give proper credit
 where credit is due:

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This photograph was taken by Rob Brinson, it is the work of
Melanie Turner, Interior Designer and  styled by Annette Joseph 
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This photo was taken by Rob Brinson, it is the work of
Melanie Turner, Interior Designer and styled by Annette Joseph.  
I must say that I totally admire this trio’s work.  A very talented group of people who deserve total recognition for their hard work.  I invite you to click on their names and visit their website to see more of their amazing work.  
Why am I writing this post now?
I want to thank Annette Joseph, the stylist, who brought my attention to my lack of professionalism, in not providing  the proper credit for the photos.  I am thankful that she spoke out.  It made me realize how often it is taken for granted that the designer, stylist, photographer’s work is there for us to use, because it is readily available on  Pinterest.  This is a fallacy with Pinterest.   It is not right and needs to be corrected.  We are the only ones who can correct this.  Although, it has been a while since I had something photographed, due to my sabbatical while grieving,  I currently have  projects in the pipeline that  will be photograph in the near future for the website I am creating.  I wouldn’t want someone to use those photographs and not credit me. 

How good are you at giving credit where credit is due?
 Do you always search for the source and properly credit?

I ask all bloggers to make sure you credit the designer,
 the stylist and the photographer when using their work.
I myself will strive to have more original content due to this issue. 
When we don’t give proper credit, it really is taking something that isn’t ours.  
The money spent on this type of work is very expensive.  We all love seeing beautiful work like this and that is why we want to share it on our own blogs, when we are talking about a topic, but we do need to give proper credit! 
 I will never post a photograph again without properly crediting the source.

 If you are a blogger, I ask you to join me in efforts to
properly credit photographs used on your blog.

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