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My Summer Style ~ Emily A. Clark

Thank you to Emily A. Clark for featuring me and some of the other One Room Challenge 
Participates on her blog yesterday!
I am quite sure you all read Emily’s blog,
but if you don’t, pop over and show Emily
some love!  Warning…you will be hooked!
Love at first sight! If you missed yesterday’s
post by Emily, here it is….
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I’m continuing yesterday’s “Send Me a Picture” post with more great photos of each blogger’s Summer style.  (Catch all of these bloggers in “The One Room Challenge” this summer.)

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My Summer style definitely involves being surrounded by lots of color and pattern. I typically spend most of my summer at our beach house which is painted in bright lime, hot pink, turquoise blue, orange and sunny yellow. I have Pucci prints, zebra, stripes, geometrics and florals all mixed together to create a cheery cottage. Brightly colored patterns and sun mixed with the ocean breeze make me smile! This orange and hot pink striped sideboard in my dining area is a perfect representation of my summer style!
 Lisa Mende, Lisa Mende Design
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When we think of summer, we think of the charming northeastern beach cottages at our favorite vacation spot (and family namesake), Bethany Beach, DE. Cedar shakes, striped awnings, catchy house names and high-flying American flags make for the perfect outdoor coastal decor.
Nancy & Bethany, Powell Brower Home
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My summer style is … MESSY! With all the One Room Challenge business happening in our house, and my daughter being out of school, it’s a mess around here. This is our breakfast room, and the light is great for looking at color. Which is what I’ve been busy doing at the table. It’s too hot in Dallas to be outside much, and my daughter loves art. As a result, art supplies can usually be found all over the table. You may be assuming that with the breakfast table so messy, we eat in the dining room, but you would be wrong. We eat out, as not being in the kitchen is part of my summer style!
Jennifer, The Pink Pagoda
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My summer style is all about vibrant color, pattern, and statement accessories. Here’s a peek into my suitcase for a recent trip to Cape Cod and Maine. Neon, patterns, and jewels galore!
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My summer style is to bring Chinoiserie outdoors. On my patio, I painted a set of antique wrought iron furniture Chinese Blue and have used lots of blue and white Chinese porcelain including garden stools (I have 6 in my garden) as well as potted plants in blue and white Chinese pots and fish bowls. I keep the dragon bowl you see on the table filled with fresh water and the birds love it for cool drinks and refreshing baths.
Beth Connolly, Chinoiserie Chic
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My summer style is all about relaxed and casual living. My perfect summer outfit is to wear flip flops, or gladiator sandals, with a crinkly maxi sundress and my straw fedora. Better yet, walking along the beach, wearing said outfit, as the sun sets is the end to a perfect summer day. We are so lucky to live near the ocean, it is only a quick car ride to get there. Nothing says summer better than the ocean, the blues-greens of the Pacific Ocean, earthy grey tones of the sand and relaxed dress!
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For me summer is about warmer days and relaxing with my family by some sort of water. I would love for it to be the beach, but a lake or pool is more common here. To bring that coastal causal beach vibe that I feel is so summer I pull out my coral and shells I have collected from all over different beaches. One day I will have a coast beach cottage, but until then turn my house into one during the summer.
Tiffany McLean, Living Savvy {The Blog}
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This is an outdoor room I created for lounging in summer.  Surrounded by flowers, my favorite Adirondack chairs are the perfect place to relaxing with a cup of coffee and a good book.
Danylle McLain,
Thanks Emily for the Love!
Happy Saturday Everyone!
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