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High Point/Olioboard Style Spotter Contest & One Room Challenge Week 5

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Ok, So I had to chuckle this morning when I woke up, It seems I have a new division in my interior design practice, called “Lisa’s one room challenges”.  Yes, that’s right!  I have been working  for the past 5 weeks on  my  “One Room Challenge” which Linda ofMy Crafty Life created and graciously invited me to join then on Monday, I was notified that I was a finalist in the High Point Market’s Contest for the 9th spot on the market’s “Style Spotter” Panel sponsored by Olioboard!  I wrote about that yesterday if you missed it! It’s all very exciting and fun, but  a girl need beauty sleep folks! Haha!  Yesterday, once the Olioboard contest wentactive, mine wouldn’t work!  I was frantically trying to get into the contest board!!!!  After several unsuccessful attempts, I did what no man would ever do….I emailed Cheminne Taylor-Smith and asked for directions!  Low and behold, it wasn’t me!  My link was faulty!  Once it was fixed,thanks to the fabulous Sheilah from Olioboard, off I went to create my own Olioboard, with the contests pieces (all from the April High Point Market) that best describes my design aesthetic!  If you haven’t been on Olioboardand you liked to play house, paper dolls or make collages when you were little, you must sign up for Olioboard!  You don’t have to be a designer to love it.  It’s incredibly fun and there is no mess to clean up afterwards!  I have been using it for my interior practice for a while and my clients love it.  I can quickly put the items I want to specify together on a board and email to the client.  Really helps them visualize the the concept for the room.  Well, enough about work, let’s get back to the contest!  I am sure you read all about it on my post yesterday, but if not, you can pop back over here or scroll down to find out all about it!  I had to make myself stop creating drafts for “my room design” and go to sleep last night!  I am hating myself this morning because I think that was around 1 am! ugh!    Oh well!  I love a good challenge especially, when it involves my passion which is design.  Make sure you stay in the loop, so you can see all 15 boards and vote for your favorite me! (Just kidding!) on starting August 1st!  Now, onto my original fun challenge….
Here we are sliding into Week 5 of
If you are new to the party you can check 
out the other weeks here:
 Week 1   
This week we went accessory shopping.  Here is our
list of items we need to complete our room:
 Something large to go over the sofa,
 2 Lamps : one for between the club chairs & one by sofa
 Art for either side of fireplace over chests
Items for the hearth
Coffee table accessories
still need  2 small side tables – small
something for breakfast room wall
Accessories, are all about layering the room, to create the final touch of personality, you want the room to convey, much like the scarf added to an outfit, or the tie added to the suit.  It is a reflection of the person that lives there, so I like for my clients to be active in the process.  After we discussed, what the client wanted, in both look, texture and budget, we made our list.  Then, I did a little online research to see who had items, that would work, before we struck out on our shopping excursion.  Remember, we don’t’ have time to order from my normal “trade” resources, due to the time constraint.  We needed readily available resources!! Often when I need things for clients, I will pop in the car and drive to High Point. There are several trade showrooms that are open year around and the reps are so nice.  I love to go to Capel Rugs and visit my rep Ron Bristow. I love their new line with Genvieve Gorder and their Creative Concepts rugs, which are custom made in about 4 to 6 weeks, but no time for those either! I like to pop into Market Square where Ginger Hicks is always available and knows every resource in her building.  On the first Wednesday of every month, they have Designer Days in the Design District and sometimes I go there to find things for projects at places like Chelsea House.  Ginny Ratchford of Chelsea House  is always so helpful,  but with this project’s looming deadline, there is no time to drive to High Point or custom order!  Ok, below are some of the things we chose! If I weren’t running out the door to an appointment, I could had dressed this up with type and all kinds of pretty things, but hey somebody’s gotta work too! Go to Olioboard, and sign up if you haven’t already then type in lisamendedesign to go to my boards and see where all these goodies were purchased if you want to know!  You can follow me there too!
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You need to go there to sign up anyway, so when the voting for the
Style Spotter Contest begins, you can go vote for me!!!!
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Now go check on the other participates in 
The One Room Challenge and see what they have 
accomplished since we last met!  Wonder if 
their day is as crazy as mine!

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(ok so I have to admit, there was no time to proof this post,
so if there are errors, my apologizes, I typically don’t post til
I proof, but the way this day is going, it might never happen,
so deal with it, ok?  Just Kidding! Sorry, if the reading is rough today)
Have a fabulous Wednesday!  See you tomorrow! 
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