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One Room Challenge…

Week #1 of The One Room Challenge!
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Join the summer fun, while twenty interior designers/bloggers and I put our design talents to the test transforming a room of our choice. Yes, that’s right, while the rest of you are sipping margaritas by the pool, we will be choosing fabrics, paints and wallpaper to create a dream space!  Each participate has selects a room in their own home or a client’s and has six weeks to redo it. There will be posts each Wednesday at a minimum, but each blogger has the option to do as many posts as they like.

 If you are not one of my subscribers, now is the perfect time to sign up so you won’t miss out on these fun transformations!  Thanks to our organizer Linda of My Crafty Home Life and our graphic artist Jennifer of The Pink Pagoda.
A extra special thanks to Jennifer for suggesting I be included in the challenge!

Below is the list of all the participates.  At the bottom of this post is a link to their blogs.  Make sure you check out each participate to get really great ideas for your own house!  We will share DIY tips, paint choices, fabric selections and other fun little secrets and tidbits you don’t want to miss.
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The Room I have chosen to do is a client’s family room!
Here are some before pics!  Sorry, I failed to get a full view of the room and since I am 2 hrs from the project, don’t think that is going to happen!   So I drew a quick sketch of the floor plan to give you an idea of the space with the existing furniture.  

Existing floor plan:

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Here is a photo of the left side of the room.  This gives you an idea of what the room currently looks like.  The walls are Sherwin Williams Muslin.  Drapery panels are from Pier One.  This is a second home and the client moved in rather quickly, so she put things in the room to have somewhere to sit and something to cover the windows temporarily until she could get the room designed the way she wanted.  She wish list is  to redesign the entire space  and pick a deeper paint color, possibly furnishings, fabrics and accessories.

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Existing window treatment

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Existing chair

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This art is hanging on the opposite side of the fireplace from the photo above.  To give you an better visual, there is a cabinet below this piece of art identical to the cabinet in the first photo so the fireplace is flanked by those cabinets with the each piece of art hanging above the cabinets.

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This is the existing rug.  As you can see the chair is a flax colored linen club chair. 
Again, sorry no pic.  Also did not get a picture of the sofa but it is olive tweed and is 91″ long.  It is sitting facing the fireplace with the floral chair on the left side side and the linen chair on the right of the fireplace.

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This is the breakfast area in the kitchen.  Since the kitchen/breakfast room are open to the family room, I decided to treat it as one room. 

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This is the kitchen.  We plan to do a couple of things in there as well.

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The client gave me the following to photos for inspiration:

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Family Room designed by Lisa Ball

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Family Room designed by Tobi Fairley


I can’t wait to get started on this project!  After I throughly interview my client, and take inventory of the room, we will decide together what she wants to keep to work with and what can go.   We will look at the existing floor plan, to see how the flow has worked for the client, then discuss other options.  Next, I will do a layout of the space on graph paper and  plan the best layout for the room.  I have a feeling we will be making some changes.  After we space plan, we will begin choosing furniture, fabrics and paint colors!!! 
 It’s going to be so exciting!!!!  I hope you will come back each week to see our progress!!!

This is a list of  all the  participates in The One Room Challenge!  
Please check out their blogs to see their rooms!

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Lindsay – Everything LEB
Barbara – Hodge:Podge
Tiffany – Living Savvy
Jessie – Mix & Chic
Linda – My Crafty Home Life 
Danylle – Nana Moon
Jennifer – The Pink Pagoda
Bethany – Powell Brower Home
Emily – Rue de Emily
Lindsay – Sadie + Stella
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