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Elizabeth Moyer on Fabulous Friends on Friday!

It’s time again to share one of my fabulous friends with you!  
This Friday’s Fabulous Friend is 
Elizabeth Moyer of Pretty Pink Tulips blog. 
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The fabulous Elizabeth Moyer!
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In Elizabeth’s own words,  Pretty Pink Tulips, is a blog that shares her “passion for living, giving and entertaining with style and grace!  Boy does she do a top drawer job of that! Not only does she feature local happenings in chic decor and fashion in and around New York City, but she also chronicles the progress of the current renovation on her own lovely home.   Trust me, if it is chic, Elizabeth knows about it and generously shares it with her readers! 
Sign up to follow her you will see for yourself!
What else can I tell you about Elizabeth? She grew up in Texas, but has lived many places! She accredits these travels, with her desire to create a beautiful life for her family.  As the mother of two boys, and a stay at home mom, this effort is evident in the way she makes daily life with her family worthy of a Martha Stewart feature!  
She truly knows how to make a house a home!
Window boxes with pink geraniums and her signature
 “pretty pink tulips”!
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 Pretty Pink Tulips, is named for the flowers that surrounds her home every spring, and has become her signature.  Being  a “pink tulip lover” myself, I knew I had something in common with this blogger, just from the name of her blog alone.  Little did I know when I fell in love with her blog, that Elizabeth and I shared more commonalities than pink tulips!  I learned that she was a past Charlottean, when she commented on a post, I wrote about a local business.  That made me feel love her even more! When I registered for Blogfest 2012, I was thrilled to see her hame among the attendees and was anxious to meet her.  I wondered if she was really as lovely as she seemed through her blog.  When we actually met the first morning of Blogfest at Hearst Towers, I discovered she is even more beautiful in person!   There she was in a perfectly put together outfit accented with her signature color of hot pink!  Proof positive that Elizabeth spreads beauty and makes an vivid impression where ever she goes!   House Beautiful chose Elizabeth’s “Aha Moment” and posted it on their  House Beautiful Pinterestpage under “Aha Moments” from bloggers!  Make sure you read it and see her amazing bathroom! 

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Elizabeth’s beautiful home in Rye, NC with window boxes
full of pretty pink flowers!   Click here to see a before which is still beautiful, but shows the lovely enhancements she has made to this home!
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Meeting Elizabeth at Hearst Towers in May 
at Blogfest 2012! (See her pink sweater!)
Wish you could see the killer leopard sandals she
was wearing!  Definitely on trend!
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People have been commenting lately, that the blog world is not a true representation of real life, but I have to disagree when it comes to Pretty Pink Tulips!  What you see is what you get!  
 Please click over to Pretty Pink Tulips and enjoy!
Tell Elizabeth I sent you!
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