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Built In Coffee Makers…Just Gotta Have It?

Are they really practical or the latest “just gotta have it” ? 
I think the idea of a coffee station is a must for a kitchen even if
you aren’t building in the machine but as you can see it really
takes the look up a notch when it is intergrated. 
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Love the idea of the coffee station here with the built in
machine with the cups below


Many homeowners are snubbing the local coffee shop and installing their own built-in barista style coffee and expresso machines.  Typically installed in higher end kitchens these machine quite attractive and add a wow factor in kitchen. There are basically two types of machines.  One that utilizes the pre-measured coffee capsules or models that freshly grind coffee as the cup is made.  Some of the models must be manually fed water while the most popular styles are plumbed.  If you are going for the plumbed system, the ultimate is to also install a water filter since filtered water makes a better cup of joe. There are many brands but the most popular brands are Miele, Bosch, Gaggenau, and Thermador.  The options are endless in what each machine will do.  Most of them have a hot water feature which makes hot chocolate or hot tea an effortless task.  Most froth milk directly into the cup of cappuccino. The average price tag is $2500.00 .
Intergrated so well into this cabinet
it is barely noticeable.
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We recently had dinner with friends who have one.  It was nice to have a rich cup of coffee after dinner, but I did notice that each cup was made one at a time.  While this may be ok, when you aren’t rushed for time, is this a hassle when making coffee for a group?   Would it be necessary to have a regular coffee pot to pull out as need when you have bigger parties? Or if you are like my family who drinks 10 cups of coffee in the morning.
My friend said that her kids love hot chocolate and it’s great for that.  It was also nice individualize cups because some of the people in our party wanted expresso but others wanted coffee.    


This coffee station works well with the small
cabinet below for all the coffee supplies and cups
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Some of the systems come with a lower drawer for
mugs like the system below
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Since most of these models require a deep cabinet such as you would use for an oven, stacking it below the microwave is a good option.  I especially like how this has the doors that can be closed to hide both appliances.
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The look and concept is great, but I have read reviews that say there are issues with even the best models. I have also read  that some of these models have a issues over time with residue build-up if the coffee beans are too oily.   If you have one of these machines I would love to get your feedback.  Have you had any problems? Do you have one in your home?  Do you like it? Is it the bomb, or just another appliance  we question why we ever wanted in a few years? I guess it comes down to how much you love coffee, espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate and how often your family drinks it?  You’d have to drink a lot of cups of “hot something” to justify the price tag!  That being said, mine is being installed next week!  
(Just Kidding!)
 I really do think they are look great and are way cool!
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