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Apparatus Studio….design crush!

While at Blogfest 2012 in NYC last week I attended the ICFF Show at Javits Converence Center.  I can’t wait to post about all the cool things I saw while perusing the aisles of Contemporary Design Furniture Fair, but for now I must confess my visit to the show revealed a little design crush I have developed on a couple of guys and their new line…. 

Apparatus Studio

 We have all seen this picture all over Pinterest, right?

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When this photo first showed up online, I immediately pinned it to my pinterest board!   The Ikea rug with the faux onyx walls, playful chandelier hanging over the sleek lucite table, surrounded by those gorgeous chairs!  This is one of my all time favorite spaces.  I love everything about it!  In my opinion, it’s the perfect dance between high/low design.  It  is interesting and current yet timeless in design.  So who does this dashing dining room belong to, you ask?  The lucky guys are Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson who own Apparatus Studios.  Gabriel is the designer with a well pedigreed background that extends from fashion to interior design.   Can you believe that Gabriel hand painted those faux onyx walls? 
 Yes he did!  Amazing, is all I can say!  

   My first thought after seeing this room was “wish I knew the cool person that lives in this space, so they could invite me over to dinner!”  (Just Kidding) But I did wonder, if the person was really as cool as the space….Well…the answer is yes!!!!!

You can’t imagine how excited I was to meet Gabriel and Jeremy last week at the ICFF!!!.  They were bar none the highlight of my ICFF experience.  It’s always so nice to meet the designers and find out they are truly as nice as you had hoped.  These guys did not disappoint. (Ok, so don’t kill me Gabriel for not getting a photo with your eyes open, but I had to post anyway, just to prove I met you!)  
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The chandy below is called “Cloud”and is the one in their own dining room featured above.  I would be on Cloud Nine if it were hanging in my dining room!  Every single one of their designs is killer, check out their website  here to see for yourself.   

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There’s my cute friend, Kirsten Nease discussing the line with Jeremy. 
Both Gabriel and Jeremy were so engaging.  They were so enthusiastic and
 willing to discuss the line with us.  See “Compass” over Jeremy’s head?
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Compass up close…
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 Another favorite is the Column Lamp shown below..
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They took this table out of their kitchen for display at the show.  I  suggested they
 reproduce this piece and was told it was already in production!
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When Gabriel and I were talking, I noticed this tattoo on his arm and asked him about it.  It said he got it to remind him to “take a leap of faith” in life.  I think that is a reminder we all should have?  After all, most of life is about taking a leap isn’t it?

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 I’m going to take a leap of faith that one day soon that “Cloud” chandy
 will show up in my dining room….

Just saying…

I think we will be seeing a lot more of this duo…

Please go to Gabriel Hendifar to see more of Gabriel’s beautiful work
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