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What a Lovely Birthday & Giveaways Winners Announced!!!!!!

It was a birthday filled with….
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Oliver, my yorkie, was the party planner, he got all dressed
 up in his party dudes, was definitely in his party mode
 when I woke up on Saturday!
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Good ole Ollie was responsible for getting the party going, 
he invited all my friends over for bubbly so we all 
 partied like rock stars!!!!
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He had the perfect cake!
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He even arranged a day filled with friends and family, lunch, mani/ped’s, balloons, gifts…and more partying….

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…..Thanks to Oliver, the morning after was a little like this…
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Just kidding, but it did make for a funny story, right?  
My birthday was pretty benign.  I started the day with a migraine (not because of champagne)
but by midmorning was really to rally.  We went to brunch at my favorite spot, where I had shrimp and artichoke crepes with a lemon béchamel sauce. (to die for) and a bloodie.  
Then off to the spa, shopping and various other treats!  Later in the evening we went to dinner with good friends.  All in all it was a perfect birthday.  
Enough about me & my birthday……you just want to know if you won don’t you???
Here are the winners from last week’s Birthday Give away!
Monday: Hoop Earrings with pearls –   Design Chic
Tuesday: Corisca Pearl Ring – Patricia van Essche from PVE Design
Wednesday:  Pink Leather Wrap Bracelet –  Elizabeth from Pretty Pink Tulips
Thursday:  Orange Leather Bracelet –  Julie Boggan
Friday: Gold key necklace to Sherry Hart from Design Indulgence
I decided to throw in another gift on my actual birthday to the person who commented the most this week –
 Jamie @  Jamie and Vashti (thank you)
you will have a surprise coming your way too!  
please make sure I have your mailing address so that I may send your gift!  You must email me with your address in order to receive your prize @!!!!
Thank you for participating!  If you are a blogger and feel inclined to mention my blog on your blog or put me on your blogroll, it would be much appreciated!  Nonbloggers who want to suggest my to your friends via email word of mouth or Facebook, that would be awesome too.  
I am going to Blogfest 2012 in NYC in May and will be among very seasoned bloggers with many followers, I need to build my #’s so I don’t look too pitiful!  Help a girl out if you can!
That being said, I would like to thank Emily of Emily A. Clark design simplified and Elizabeth from The Mustard Ceiling for putting me on your blogroll.  I get a lot of readers from your kindness!  I really appreciate it!  

and if you don’t know these blogs, please click on the link and check them out!! all are fab!  thanks guys!
 Thanks for showing me love on my birthday week!
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