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My Favorite Place for Spring Break….

Tomorrow we leave for spring break!  I may or may not be able to blog while I’m away.    I am excited to spend some much needed time with the fan at our beach house.  I didn’t have a pic I wanted to post of our beach so I posted this one of St John which is also one of my favorite places we like to sneak off to visit.  It really doesn’t matter though, St John or Topsail, it’s just fun to be with my family on break.  Kids grow up far too quickly, so I intend to enjoy time away with them while they still think it’s cool to hang with mom and dad. Currently the only items on the agenda are rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.  
Who knows..I may sneak in a blog or two.   Until we meet again, enjoy your weekend.
Oh, by the way……Go Heels!!!!  (ACC tourney this weekend!)

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When I return I am going to have a giveaway!!!  Don’t forget to check back for that!

until we meet again… you can find me here….

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