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Could You Get Sued for Pinning on Pinterest?

Dang!  There is always a party pooper!  
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We all love Pinterest and have gone mad pinning all those coveted photos, but have you stopped to think that you could get sued for doing so?  This is a lot of hub bub going on about the potential lawsuits that could result from putting other people’s work on the internet without their permission.  
Personally, I have been using Pinterest as a place to keep information I might want to refer to at a later date.  I don’t just pin for the sake of pinning, but when I am reading a blog with info I  want to keep for later, like “how to paint a chest”  I pin it!  It’s like a virtual filing cabinet for me.  I never thought about how it could be wrong.  I thought the people who started Pinterest had figured all the legal stuff out but guess what….they did for themselves but not for all of us!
I personally try to give the blog, or person I get my pin from the credit when I can identify where the photo came from but if I can’t I just pin it anyway.  I have noticed that some pincers use the comments area  for making comments about the photos but not for giving credit to the owner of the photo.  
Ok to make comments, but please credit the author if you know who it is.  
Here are some links to articles which might make us all think….
BloggingwithAmy has great info on her site if you want to read more.
As for me, I am not going to delete my boards just yet but I will be careful to link to the original site and give the author credit.  I am also going to pin from site that have the Pinterest button.  I think I will be pinning less images too.  Also, I think much of this frustration has come from photography sites so I will not be pinning any of that unless I ask permission.  Form your own opinion and do what you feel it the best thing for you.  Please do not take anything I have written as advice just telling you what I am doing.  You make your own decisions…
We are headed to our family cabin this weekend for Karen and Will’s (my nephew) engagement party!
I don’t think I will get sued for using this engagement photo of the happy couple, since it was taken by my niece, Will’s sister, Mary CharlesAnna, who is a professional photographer.  Check out her work here at MarySmiles website! She is very talented!  If you live in North Carolina and need a photographer,
 she’s your girl! 
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Photography by CharlesAnna Williams
(please don’t repin without permission from MarySmiles)

Hopefully, I will have some fun photos of the party to share with you next week.  
Happy Friday!!!
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