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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow….

Two halves which created one heart….
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You lived together and died together much like Romeo and Juliet.
Two people who together, were examples of what love and marriage is about.  Marriage isn’t perfect.   It isn’t easy, but it is about compromise, trust, love and companionship.  It isn’t about giving up but giving in.  Loving well.  Sharing. Respect.  Cherishing the good times and hanging in there when times are hard, through sickness and in health…. til death do us part.  
May you rest in peace…
Aunt Iris Parker who went to Heaven on February 23, 2012 and her beloved husband, my Uncle Julius, who joined her on February 26, 2012.  After sixty years of marriage on Earth, you enter the gates of Heaven together.  I will forever be thankful you were part of my life.  
I love you and will miss you greatly, but look forward to the day I see you again!
May God Bless your children and give them the peace that surpasses all understanding. 
“Parting is such sweet sorrow”
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