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Thursday Thoughts….

I don’t think I would ever tire of waking through the door of this apartment and yelling
 “Honey, I’m home”!
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This is the upper east side apartment of Kate and Andy Spade.  
Kate Spade is the only person I know who could get away with having a “black hole” as the focal point of her family room!  (No really I L-O-V-E this piece of art!) Of course she is known for having created the original “black hole” of pocketbooks, or at least that is what I use to call mine.  It was in 1993, Kate Spade, who at the time was not really a Spade at all but was still Kate Brosnahan introduced her first pocketbook line.  (Try putting that on a handbag and see how it sells).  Andy, her then boyfriend, came up with “Kate Spade” as the name.  Andy, being the mastermind branding mogul he is, got not only a wife out of the deal, but also helped Kate build a multimillion dollar empire which they have since sold.  
( I like that man that knows what he wants and gets it!) 
 This power couple is proof that dreams can come true but, not without hard work and focus!  Sometimes you have to eat a lot of cheeseburgers to live your dreams like the Spades did.  
Every one has to start somewhere, so it this your day to start? 
While you are thinking about that….
Check out  the gallery of art they have in their foyer!  I have always said if I could line my walls with art…  and that is just what they have done!  This is a look that anyone can create.  The art is not framed in any specific way and the varies from very well known artist to kids art.  
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If you have the time click here to watch a very interesting interview on Style Innovators with Andy and Kate Spade.  The video takes you into their South Hamptons home, Andy’s work and their east apartment shown above.  For more pics of the apartment from The Selby click here.  
You will quickly see what they have been so successful!  
As long time fan of Kate Spade, I can’t wait to see what she does next but for now she has chosen to be a stay at home mom.  
 and to think it  all started with…
 the little black nylon number..
   which I had to have….
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I think I’ll go dig it out and use it next year for the anniversary!
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