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“How to Get the Look” part 4

Remember my “swoon room”  knock off

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Here is another version using different colors…

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1. Nicole Cohen Art above a mirrored table from Sears .  Bungalow5 console from  Layla Grace with yellow lamp from Chiasso(this one was expensive you could use this instead (, Jonathan Adler sculpture, mirror from West Elm, Thomas Paul plates from Burke Decor, , Blake chaise from West Elm, Pillows from here and here, Yellow dwell fabric chair from here, you know where the rug came from and the poufs are from CB2
Are You Still With Me?  
If So, today’s post is all about 
Shopping for your “Swoon Room”
If You are joining in for the first time, you can scroll down to read the other
posts in the series and catch up! 
Today is part 4:  Shopping for your room!
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 How much do you have to spend? . Realizing how much you have to spend will help you determine where to shop, how to shop and what you must do to stay with in your budget.  Don’t look at a small budget as a negative.  You can still get the look you want, but you will have to be more creative and savvy.  I just read an article about Kim Myles, the HGTV star, who said she always dreamed about being able to buy whatever she wanted and once she made it big and could actually do that, she did not like the outcome.  She contends her designs were more creative when she had to work around a small budget.  Not everyone is a design star with Kim’s talent,but anyone can have a room that pleases them within their budget.  

Allocate Your Dollars:

 Determining where your money needs to go before shopping is very important!  It will keep you from making an impulse purchase that could blow your budget.  Identify your priority pieces?  Depending on the room you are decorating, the priorities change.   Keep in mind that very room needs at least one good piece of furniture.   I am an advocate of splurging on the best quality upholstery you can afford.  I am also a big fan of keeping your larger pieces neutral.  If you have a neutral base you can change your accessories and change your look.   Save money by shopping for your accessories at discount stores,consignment stores, flea markets or garage sales.  


Shop at Home First:
I suggest the first place you start shopping is at home!  Chances are great that you have items already in your house that you can repurpose, repaint and reuse to get that fresh look.   Talk about saving money!  If you already own it and it already fits in your home, you’ve got a win win!  It is amazing what a little paint and love can do.  It is all about looking at your possessions in a different way.  What if you paint that stained dining table aqua and slipcover those chairs?  Voila, a totally different look!  Once you have gone through the inventory at home it’s time to shop fill out your wish list elsewhere, so where do you go…..

Know your product & Where to Buy It

For the best price:
 I’ll be the first to admit that I love designer high end items, but my budget doesn’t often allow for what my heart desires.   As a designer who can buy wholesale, I am amazed at how many times I see items cheaper than I can buy wholesale  at places like TJ Maxx, Tuesday Morning or Marshalls.  It is all about  knowing what you want, what things are worth and being willing to do a little research.  As most of you already know the internet is a great resource for research.  For example take this stacked crystal lamp $235 from Horchow:
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Budget:Horchow calls it “a stacked lamp”
If I google “stacked crystal lamp”  I get this…

Immediately I have four other options that are all cheaper but if I dig further and go to Target
and type this in look what I find… the same look for $55.00!

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BTW, if I stop by my local Homegoods, I ‘m pretty sure they might have a pretty good knock off for $29.99. There is also Craigslist, garage sales, consignment and Goodwill.  If the online companies don’t offer don’t offer free shipping, often it is better to buy local.  The shipping costs can add quite a bit to the bottom line.  This also leads me to another point to save money.  If you find something you like online, google coupons for that site or item, chances are great you can at least save enough to pay for the taxes or may be get free shipping that way.  It never hurts.  The bottom line is you have to be willing to put in the time and research.

Here is another example of saving money…

 I quite sure that the rug in my swoon room  is Madeline Weinrib, to the trade only.
You would have to buy through a designer or a stocking dealer.
An 8′ x 10′ in this rug would run you about $1200.00
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Here is a less expensive option that is available to anyone from Calypso St Bart.  
 I used this rug for my starting point for my knock off room above.
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Here is another option at West Elm 8′ x 10′ for $479.00

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Copy the Designer Look:
There are many ways you can copy the designer look.  For instance, the chevron rug above, if you love that look but cannot afford any of those rugs, you can always buy a solid rug or a floorcloth and stencil the chevron pattern on the rug.  So when looking at the room of your dreams, sometimes a little creativity is more important than anything!
To The Trade Only:
Some of us and you know who you are, really want that Chiang Mai Dragon fabric. 
One way you might get this fabric would be to contact a local designer.  They may be willing to sell the item to you retail.  I know I have done that for people. If there is something you want, you can contact me and I will see what I can do.  There are also places online like
Maddie G Designs who sale “To The Trade” only items.  Chances are great that your local designer might sell to you for a fair price and you might end up forming a relationship, so don’t be afraid to ask.  All they can say is no. 
The take away here is to  1) make a plan, 2)work your plan, 3)do your homework and 4)take your time finding the best items for the best price!  5) If you can’t afford the items, make your own.  Realize that Rome wasn’t built in a day and putting a room together, even a “copy cat” takes effort.  If you are limited for time, you might be better off to hire a designer for a couple of hours and let them pull the look together for you.  Most people are amazed at how much time, money and mistakes hiring a designer can actually save.  I am available for e-design.  Just email me and I will give you a quote.
Next Wednesday: “How to Get The Look” post #5 – Putting it altogether
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