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Down to the wire…..

OK, So we are down to the wire…
It’s the 20th of December!  Only five days til Christmas…
Are you finished with your shopping?  I’m not!!!
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So what are we going to do?  Here are some options…
1. Zappos!  If you order by 1:00 on the 23rd, you will still get
your package by the 24th!
2.  Lululemon – if you don’t own any Lulu or your hubby doesn’t do yourself a favor and order some today.  If you order by Dec. 21st they give free shipping and talk about comfort!
This workout wear will become an addiction!  It sucks everything in and makes you look 5 lbs thinner!  (I promise!!)
3. The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg!  A favorite everytime!
Dec. 21st is the last day for express and the 22nd is the last day for super express!  
4.  Make the gift yourself and deliver!
5.  Gift cards!  Amazon gift cards can be emailed to the receiver.   Or go in the grocery store and check out the rack!  There are always hundreds of options in the grocery!!!
6. Tiffany’s – for express 3-4 day shipping is $20
(had to do this one since I used the pic from the ad)
Ok, so that ‘s just a few little ideas, I am sure you have a couple you can add to the list so please comment!!!  I still have a few to buy!!!  Help, if you can!  
If you are finished, sit down and enjoy a glass of vino and the tree!!  happy holidays my friends!!!!
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