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Are You GGR or a UGR?

Remembering the Patti LaBelle song 
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 I am going to harp a little on thoughts I have about gift giving and receiving.  I promise this is a one time slap on the wrist..
 I always listen to Martha Stewart Living on Sirius radio when in my car.  Yes,  I admit it!  I’m addicted.  From the design wizard Kevin Sharkey to Whatever’s Jennifer Hutt, I love them all.  Anyway, I was listening one day to one of the shows and it was about asking for gift cards.  Not sure who was hosting, but they said that asking for a gift card was like saying, “you are incapable of buying me a gift, so just give me a gift card”.   
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Sorry, if you like gift cards, but I have to agree.  Whatever happened to the real meaning of gift giving?  You know what I am talking about?  The ole “It’s the thought that counts.”   The older I get, the more I am aware of people young and old, who want to give you a list of exactly what they want for Christmas!  It seems the real reason for gift giving has been lost in the shuffle.  I don’t know if this has been borne from people being busy and not wanting to really spend time shopping or thinking about a gift or if we are really so selfish that we aren’t happy unless we get that perfect gift?  What did we do to deserve a perfect gift?  How much did we do for the gift giver?  Are we worthy of their gifts?  Are we worthy of the time it took them to go buy the gifts?  I don’t’ know about you folks, but if I can’t go pick out a gift for you on my own without being told what to buy, then I don’t need to be buying you a gift! (Quote from the Martha Stewart Sirus talk show) I’m a little mad at myself that I have fallen prey to the notion that I have to ask people what to buy them for fear they won’t like the gift.  I call bull —- on that this year once and for all.  From now on I am going to throw caution to the wind and buy the gifts I want to give to the people on my list.  So all you out there on my list, watch out for next year….
Which leads me to my next soapbox…. 
Are You a Good Gift Receiver or an Ungrateful Gift Receiver?
In this world of material goods, we all have more than we need.  Gone are the times of people actually getting a gift they really need.  Gifts today are more about being remembered, than about what we need or want.  After all, if there is something we want, we just go buy it right?   How do you respond when you get a gift you don’t want?  Are you gracious?  Do you let the person know that they didn’t please you? 
It is BAD MANNERS to let the gift giver know you don’t like their gift!!!
  Some people relish “putting the gift down” even when the gift is very nice.  This says more about their emotional state than it does the gift given or the gift giver.  Do they realize this? Must not, so here is my suggestion of how to respond to your gifts.
No matter what the gift is, say “Thank You”!  If you don’t like the gift, the giver should never be told.   If there is a gift receipt, you can return the gift and the giver never has to know.  If there isn’t a gift receipt you have two options.  You can tell the gift giver you need the receipt to exchange the size (again allowing the gift giver to think the gift is acceptable, while creating the option for returning it or you can donate it to charity.   People who didn’t get anything for Christmas will love your rejected gift.     
Years later you may not remember the gift you gave, but you will always remember how the person receiving the gift made you feel if they were ungrateful.  
Christmas is a state of mind.  It is about giving not receiving.
It is the thought that counts if you don’t believe this you need to play Patti LaBelle’s song over and over til next Christmas….
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