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These Boots Are Made for Walking….

I’m zipping up my boots and heading out the door to High Point for my second day at market. Yesterday I was in Chapel Hill for part of the day working with a client, but stopped by High Point on my way home to source some furniture for another client.  I realized when I got there that I had forgotten my market badge!  Big oops!  Well, good for me that I was going places people knew me, so I was able to get in all the showrooms I needed to work in.  High Point was full of energy!  When I go between markets, it is like a ghost town!  It is so fun to see all the people there during market week.  There are lots of international visitors as well as locals like me.  I am out the door now with badge in hand and hope to see my entire list (which by the way…never happens)  Here is something I hope to see today…
Tobi Fairley’s new home collection in collaboration
 with Hickory Chair.  Aren’t these pillows great?
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Here is a picture I found on Pinterest of the Hickory Chair 
showroom with Tobi’s Home collection….
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I promise to take good pics and report back tomorrow!  Market is grueling but oh so inspiring!  Can’t wait to share with you the new trends and all the fabulous things I find!
So stay tuned!
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