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Why do people blog?

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I have had several friends ask me why I blog.  So I decided to do a post on this.
Those of you who understand blogging probably will think this is crazy but here goes…

When I first became aware of blogging, I felt like I had found this underworld 
of free information.  Everyone was so willing to answer questions and share
their resources.  This was so foreign to me in the design world.  So many
times if you ask a fellow designer for a resource, you might get, a curt,
“I don’t share my resources”!  Now with everyone blogging, people are
so open and willing to share.  I love it!  I have always been of the
mindset, that if you share, it comes back to you.  
Now that I have begun blogging I understand that concept more
thank ever.  In the blog world the biggest compliment you can pay
to a blogger is to comment below their new posts. The blogger
really wants to know what you think and have a dialogue with you.

“Why do I blog?”
It’s really quite simple!  I want to talk about design, connect
with others in the design field and also hear public opinion.
I am hoping to share many things with my blog.  I want to show some
of my projects once I really get back to work.  (As many of you know I have
taken a two year sabbatical since my son died, so blogging has helped me
 think about design again).

 Here are some other reasons I blog:

It forces me to read in order to gather ideas and input for my blogs, it is
a place where I can collaborate with others, and often times I get surprises,
when someone decides to leave me a sweet comment!

I have met so many people in the short time I have spent blogging.  
I have corresponded with Tobi Fairley(Tobi Fairley Design), had lunch with Emily Clark
(Emily A. Clark Design) and now work under Laura Trevey (Bright,Bold & Beautiful),
not to mention the many others I now communicate with because of my blog.

I am still trying to figure out my voice with my blog.  
It does take a little time, but I know once I develop my voice and what direction
I want to take with my blog, it will be less time consuming.  I haven’t advertised
my blog because of this.  I wanted to give myself time to figure this whole
thing out and get some blogs under my belt before the entire
world can read my thoughts. When I was in design school our professor
would always make us “talk” about our work during a critique.  We couldn’t use
words like cute, or sweet.  Our vocabulary had to relate to design. 
I can remember freshman year, our professor Tommy would say
“you must develop a design vocabulary” to talk to clients.
I am finding that the same vocabulary is necessary when writing blogs.
Engaging the reader is another necessary part of blogging. 
Sometimes it’s harder than you think.

I am going to be sharing upcoming projects with you, as well as DIY projects.  

There is so much to share and so little time!!! If you have things
you want me to blog about please ask!!!
To Comment, all you do is write a comment below
 each blog in the “Post A Comment Box”! 

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you can subscribe by email under the post box.
Let me know if you like my blog or if you want to hear about specific things!
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Please share my blog with your friends by clicking on
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All bloggers want readers!!!!
Now that you know why I blog…go have a wonderful day!!!
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