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Shades of Grey…

How are you embracing the grey revolution?
Seems it is replacing beige as the favored neutral in interiors.
I  have to chose a grey for a client so I thought I would share 
what I know about grey with my readers.
First and foremost, when picking out any color, always have a white surface such
as a poster board or white piece of fabric, to put the paint chip on, so you check for undertones.
Grey basically has three undertone colors.  They are blue, green and purple.
If you can see an undertone without comparing the color to another grey,
then it is a good indication that your room is going to take on the undertone
color and be a grey version of that color.  For example…
The color of my bedroom is Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams.  If you look at rainwashed
 on the paint chart it looks like grey with a a blue undertone. 
Well, look at the color in my room and tell me, does it look grey or blue?
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Looks blue right?   I have had clients say
I don’t want to use grey when I have shown this color to them.
That tiny paint chip can be deceiving!
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This contemporary foyer by Rachael Reider has walls of darker grey which
is kept light by the bright white wainscotting,trim and lacquered mirror.  
The red pops of color in the zebra rug , tray and twigs add just enough 
color to make the space lively. 
Can you see that this grey has a green undertone?

The client I was working with did not want to change her trim color which was really creamy in color.  I didn’t know the exact color but it matches Ben Moore Navajo white on the paint chart.  When you are working with existing color you, must take the undertones of that paint into consideration.  We needed a grey that didn’t pull blue from the undertone which is what happens if your other color has yellow in the formula.  Your eye automatically sees blue in the grey…  I knew this but had a hard time educating my client.  Finally I was able to get the point across by painting one entire area of her breakfast room and eliminating the “Tan” walls.  Once the tan disappeared, she was able to see the grey as a grey and not as a blue. What color did we end up choosing?  “Pratt & Lambert Feather Grey”.  Once it is all painted I will post a picture.  Will try to get a before and after….

Some greys I like are:
Pratt & Lambert- Cadet Grey & Feather Grey
Benjamin Moore- Grey Owl & Revere Pewter
Sherwin Williams – Absolute Grey & Grayish
Farrow & Ball-  French Grey & Pavillion Grey & Elephant’s Breath
Martha Stewart – Sharkey Grey & Bedford Grey
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